Dave Shields

Dave Shields, Attorney at Williams, Porter, Day, and Neville

Dave Shields is an attorney specializing in transportation cases. He has been with Williams, Porter, Day & Neville for almost eleven years.

Shields has an engaging career path and enjoys the teamwork that comes with working for WPDN. He also loves writing and editing, having published several works and being nominated for a National Book Award.

Early Life and Education

Dave Shields was an impressive athlete and team player during his youth. He participated in various sports like baseball and football throughout his childhood years.

Shields was always striving to improve his game and gain insight from his teammates. This drive for excellence helped him cultivate an intense work ethic as well as an appreciation of teamwork.

He was able to use that skill in the interview room when applying for a job at WPDN. Having interned there during law school and knowing several of its attorneys, making the process much smoother than it otherwise would have been.

Professional Career

Shields has been a member of Williams, Porter, Day, and Neville since April 2011, working across numerous areas of the firm’s practice. As an attorney he enjoys both the challenges that come with his work as well as the sense of teamwork present throughout the organization.

Over Shields’ tenure with WPDN, he has assisted countless clients in recovering their losses in various situations. It is this kind of collaborative work which Shields values most and which drives him to do what he does best – which is why he is so dedicated to what he does.

His practice involves the interaction between making and writing words, research through textual sources, and direct engagement with physical objects that reflect typographic production processes from the nineteenth century. He has published his findings in multiple academic journals as well as The Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection: A History and Catalog, a 400-page monograph.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Shields has achieved a great deal in his life. He was able to become an accomplished lawyer and author, both of which are noteworthy accomplishments.

He has received many accolades throughout his life, including the Matador Award.

This award recognizes individuals who have had a lasting effect on the lives of others. Receiving such an honor is truly humbling.

David Shields has achieved great success through his hard work. He has helped countless people in the community and earned himself a place of honor as an accomplished author with twenty books to his credit – for which he has earned numerous awards.

Personal Life

David Shields was a loving father and husband who reveled in being part of a team. Teamwork had always been an important aspect of his life, and working together provides him with valuable opportunities to learn and develop.

He enjoyed playing sports and was proud to be a Mustang in high school. Although he enjoyed many different kinds of activities, teamwork was always his top priority.

He is the author of twenty-two books, including Reality Hunger (recently named one of LitHub’s 100 most important books of the last decade), The Thing About Life Is That One Day You’ll Be Dead (New York Times bestseller), Black Planet (finalist for National Book Critics Circle Award) and Other People: Takes & Mistakes (NYTBR Editors’ Choice). His works have appeared in New York Times Magazine, Harper’s, Esquire, Yale Review, Salon, Slate Tin House A Public Space McSweeney’s Believer and Huffington Post publications.

Net Worth

David Shields is an American author who has published 20 books of fiction and nonfiction. His works include Black Planet, which was shortlisted for the National Book Critics Circle Award, and The Thing About Life Is That One Day You’ll Be Dead – a New York Times best-seller.

He is the recipient of a Guggenheim fellowship, two NEA fellowships, and the PEN/Revson Award. Additionally, he serves as senior contributing editor at Conjunctions literary journal and has published works in such outlets as New York Times Magazine, Harper’s, Esquire, Yale Review, Salon, Slate, Tin House, A Public Space McSweeney’s Believer Huffington Post and Los Angeles Review of Books.

Shields has also written and starred in several films. He co-wrote and starred in James Franco’s adaptation of I Think You’re Totally Wrong: A Quarrel, released in 2017. Additionally, Shields co-wrote, produced, and directed Lynch: A History – a 2019 documentary that examines Marshawn Lynch’s use of silence, echo, and mimicry as tools of resistance.

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