Dave Turenne

Dave Turenne – The New Commander of 4 Wing Cold Lake

Colonel Dave Turenne is the new Commander of 4 Wing Cold Lake and took up his new position on June 3rd during a change of command ceremony.

His daughter, a Lynn native, was convicted of killing her lover’s husband in Florida over two decades ago. Now she is fighting to free him from prison, claiming her dad is innocent of the crime.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Dave Turenne is a master of labor and employment law. A certified public accountant, he founded CPA Advisory Group–a $5 million+ tax, accounting, consulting and investment advisory firm with 35 employees and an impressive clientele of over 100,000.

Dave is a graduate of Miami University in Ohio and was part of Phi Beta Kappa. Following graduation, he served in the Canadian Forces for over ten years as a fighter pilot, earning qualifications as an CF-188 Flight Instructor, Tactical Standards Officer, NATO TacEval Evaluator, Maintenance Test Pilot and Operational Test and Evaluation Pilot. Throughout his service in the military, dave traveled to more than 40 countries while deployed four separate tours to Afghanistan.

Achievements and Honors

David Turenne was the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including being inducted into the Order of Canada (O.C.C.), being made a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society, as well as being recognized by University of Calgary as one of their outstanding alumni.

Dave Urenne was an active member of both the University of Calgary and Calgary Police Force, serving as President of both. Additionally, he co-presidented Alberta chapter for Association for Research in the Teaching of Mathematics and founded Calgary Public Library’s Young Adult Society. Dave graduated with bachelor’s degree in zoology from U of A and master’s in geology from U of C.

Personal Life

David Turenne was a loving husband and father. His family and friends testified to his devotion to his children, saying he loved them more than anything else in the world.

He was a computer expert stationed at Tyndall Air Force Base near Panama City, Fla., when he was tragically murdered in February 1996. Circuit Judge Michael Overstreet set an August 2 sentencing hearing for him as the prosecuting attorney.

Turenne was not only a successful businessman, but an equally accomplished teacher. He dedicated much of his time and energy to his students by creating one of Marquette Area Public Schools’ most challenging courses.

Monique Turenne, found guilty of her husband’s murder in June, faces a maximum prison term of 21 years. She was found guilty of second-degree murder – considered a lesser included offense. According to Walter Smith, Turenne intends to appeal the ruling.

Net Worth

David Tutera is a celebrity wedding planner, author, and professional speaker who has amassed an impressive net worth of $6 million through hard work and dedication to his profession.

He has amassed this net worth through his appearances on various TV shows and as a professional speaker. Furthermore, he owns an effective business venture.

Fashion Designer, Celebrity Wedding Planner, Author, Actor, Producer and Professional Speaker have achieved a net worth of $6 Million through hard work and dedication.

David Tutera was born on April 23, 1966 in New York State, USA and will be 56 years old in 2022.

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