Dave Wrona

Dave Wrona

Dave Wrona is a survival expert and reality star. He featured on two seasons of Dual Survival on Discovery Channel.

He has written books such as Bushcraft 101 and Survival for Ordinary People.

He is an intriguing and talented individual. Let us discover more about him and his life.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Dave had a distinguished professional career in the insurance industry. He founded Callaway Douglass and Associates, an independent insurance agency, before becoming its president. In 1997, Dave combined this company with Dulaney, Johnston & Priest from Wichita to form Dulaney Douglass & Associates.

In 2015, he was given an incredible opportunity to call races at Santa Anita in Arcadia, California. He was one of four candidates auditioned by legendary New York race caller Larry Denman who left Santa Anita just weeks before the start of their winter meeting in December.

Wrona is currently going through a challenging year – from his public audition to threats, an investigation by police at Santa Anita and all the highs and lows along the way. But he says he is grateful for all of Santa Anita’s good people who have handled everything well.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Wrona was an acclaimed and esteemed leader in his field. He was renowned for his expertise on sports as well as his drive to assist individuals and organizations. Additionally, Dave had a wonderful sense of humor and quick wit that everyone appreciated.

He had a deep faith and was active in Teleios small groups, where he studied the Bible diligently with sharp focus and analysis. Additionally, he loved spending time with family, friends, and fishing partners.

Dave had a gift for making friends quickly, and he always kept them engaged with his wit and charm. When not hunting pheasants, ducks, geese or grouse for sport, Dave enjoyed hunting them as part of his hobbies as a member of both Spokane Bird Dog Association and North American Hunting Retriever Association. Above all else though, Dave loved spending time with his two hunting dogs Teak & Sage!

Personal Life

Dave Wrona was an astute entrepreneur who built and sold several small businesses while developing an interest in real estate. A self-described “people person”, his ability to connect with others and gain insight into their lives proved invaluable to him.

He loved to travel and hunt for antiques at flea markets and garage sales. Additionally, he enjoyed cooking for guests at his home in Zionsville, Indiana.

He was the proud parent of four children, three daughters and one son. His grandchildren and great-grandchildren adored him as well, while he had many lifelong friends. A beloved husband, father, brother and uncle to those who knew him best, his most memorable accomplishment was being an excellent father and friend to everyone he encountered.

Net Worth

Dave Wrona is an American businessman, vehicle builder and television personality from Lake City Utah.

He achieved fame through the reality show Diesel Brothers, which premiered in 2016. The series chronicles a shop called Dieselsellerz and its employees.

He derives a substantial portion of his net worth from the show. Furthermore, he has several investments.

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