David Aryanpanah

David Aryanpanah

David Aryanpanah worked under various aliases. He was associated with Alex Akbar Shamsian and Behrouz Shadsirat. His first wife Helen Kashani passed away suddenly from heart problems in January 1967. Since then he had found work mostly in low-budget films including spaghetti westerns. A year after that he died suddenly in California hospital.

Early Life and Education

Daniel is a popular male given and surname derived from Hebrew daniyeAl and features prominently as one of the major characters from the Book of Daniel.

The Prophecy of Daniel (Old Testament book in Ketuvim; Hebrew: Daniel/Nathan/Daniel) tells the tale of Jewish exiles under Nebuchadnezzar II, Belshazzar, Darius I and Cyrus I and features prophetic visions as an exhortation against persecution. It has become one of the classic Old Testament books.

Though many scholars consider the book to be of late 6th century BC date, linguistic evidence and inaccuracies in its portrayal of events related to exile indicate it must have been written earlier. Religious ideas were an integral component of its eschatological understanding; its story depicts an extraordinary man with exceptional integrity whose dream-interpreting skills earned him respect from powerful rulers under whom he served.

Personal Life

Daniel dedicated himself to God at an early age. His parents took him to a monastery, where he met St. Simeon the Stylite and was deeply moved by him; after meeting him he resolved to follow in his footsteps and dedicate his life to spiritual pursuits.

He began spending more and more time on the pillar, quickly gathering both followers and demons alike. Through prayer he could exorcise demons while healing people at once.

As his life came to a close, he experienced visions of his impending death. They built him a large tomb of precious stone and intricate metal work for burial, but he refused as he believed “you come from dust and shall return unto dust.” On December 11, 493 AD he finally passed on.

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