David Augenstein

David Augenstein

David Augenstein is a Seattle-based sculptor who specializes in carving stone. His artwork is an expression of his own journey into art, created to express himself.

Engineer by trade, he has been working as a sculptor since 2010. A passionate writer, his passion lies in aiding clients reach their artistic objectives.

Early Life and Education

David Augenstein has made a name for himself in the Seattle art community as an influential figure within onyx and alabaster sculpture. In fact, his most recent showpiece was featured on the cover of Art and Design Magazine in 2017. Additionally, David occasionally teaches classes at the University of Washington, where his student base continues to grow.

David is not only a talented sculptor and teacher, but an avid reader as well. His articles have been featured in both The Seattle Times and other publications.

He holds an array of awards and recognition, including being named a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects. Additionally, he belongs to the National Arts Club where he serves as president of its Seattle chapter.

Professional Career

David Augenstein has continued his impressive academic career at Vanderbilt by turning professional in 2019. To date, he has played one professional tournament and earned an impressive $220,850 so far.

At 21 years, the 21-year-old graduate student has won three consecutive SEC Player of the Year awards – a first in men’s golf at Vanderbilt and his third since 1982.

He was also named a U.S. Amateur Quarterfinalist at Pinehurst Resort & Country Club after defeating Akshay Bhatia and Ricky Castillo.

The graduate student is working towards earning his PGA Tour card, but understands it will take some time. To build confidence and gain experience playing golf again, he’s made some tentative starts at rescheduled events to get acquainted with the game. Meanwhile, he has learned to be patient while waiting for results.

Achievement and Honors

Notable accomplishments include winning a gold medal in men’s gymnastics and setting an international record during the marathon. He was also among the founding members of the computer and information science department. In addition to these honors, he has authored several peer-reviewed papers and served as advisor for numerous student organizations.

Through his distinguished career, he was always one of the most generous and gracious members of his family, remembered for his sense of humor and quality work. Additionally, he served as an inspirational teacher and mentor to many. Unfortunately, his untimely death from COVID-19 in 2019 came at the cost of a great loss to all in the Vanderbilt family; this news came on top of an otherwise normal senior class year for augenstein.

Personal Life

David Augenstein is a Seattle-based sculptor who specializes in carving stone. He enjoys working with onyx, alabaster and marble because it allows him to explore the inner beauty of each piece as it emerges from its natural state.

As he creates, he often draws inspiration from nature. On retreats to the Anza-Borrego Desert, he hand-picks stones and meticulously carves them into his pieces.

He finds his art to be a reflection of his journey into the artistic realm. Each stone holds its own story, and through meticulous carving, he brings out its inherent beauty.

River and Shandra Augenstein have been married for 18 years and reside at Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island, Washington. As parents to a five-year-old daughter, they cherish every minute of life together.

Net Worth

David Augenstein has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. He was drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2007 after leading Florida to a runner-up finish in the College World Series. Additionally, he led UCF in appearances, innings pitched, strikeouts and wins; ultimately being selected in the seventh round of the 2007 Major League Baseball Draft.

In 2021, he was employed by Eastside Fire and Rescue of King County District 10 and earned $224,158 – 131% more than the average salary in that area. Currently living at 5183 Robinson Park Rd in Moscow ID 83843 where he was born in May 1951 and married for 13 years to his partner of 5 children.

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