David Baram

David Baram is a Well-Known Attorney

David Baram is a well-known attorney who serves clients throughout Windsor, Connecticut. His peers have recognized him as a Super Lawyer.

He is a co-founder of VMG Partners, an industry leader in investing and growing marketing-driven consumer product companies. He works closely with entrepreneurs and management teams to provide them with capital, resources, and strategic advice that helps accelerate growth.

Early Life and Education

Early life adversity (ELA), also referred to as childhood trauma, stress or maltreatment, has long been known to have detrimental effects on development. Some of these outcomes include anxiety disorders, depression and other neuropsychiatric conditions.

Many researchers have focused on abuse and neglect in the context of ELA, yet others have observed that other early adverse experiences can also have developmental repercussions. These include exposure to natural disasters, war, chronic illness, family separation, as well as witnessing violent crime.

Though its neurobiological mechanisms remain poorly understood, chronic or extreme stress in early life has a profound impact on children’s development. Thus, advances in neuroscience are necessary to gain a better insight into ELA’s impact on cognitive and behavioral processes.

Professional Career

VMG Partners was established in 2007 by Baram and his partners. This investment and growth firm invests and nurtures marketing-driven consumer products companies. It works closely with entrepreneurs and management teams to provide capital, resources and strategic guidance that accelerate growth while increasing brand recognition.

He is also president of LBI Entertainment, a film and music production company based in Los Angeles. With his experience, he has collaborated on over 100 episodes of television and executive produced multiple projects.

He has served as a state representative for Bloomfield and Windsor since 2009, serving as chair of the legislature’s General Law Committee and member of the Judiciary Committee. Additionally, he served as prosecutor in Bloomfield from 2007-2018.

Achievements and Honors

David Baram is a renowned legal professional renowned for his successes and honors. Currently, he serves as managing member of Baram, Tapper & Gans LLC in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

His practice areas encompass municipal law, land use and zoning, administrative hearings and appeals, as well as zoning litigation. Furthermore, he has extensive expertise in probate, estate planning and family law matters.

He is also the co-founder of VMG Partners, an investment and business development firm that assists marketing-driven consumer product companies with growing their businesses and increasing brand recognition.

He also founded 08008 Productions, a production company that develops and produces feature scripted and documentary projects across multiple platforms. Their focus is character-driven stories featuring those who are underrepresented or left behind.

Personal Life

David Baram has been married for many years and the proud parent of two children. Additionally, he practices law out of Bloomfield, New Jersey.

Former state representative for Bloomfield and Windsor, he is now a partner at Baram Tapper & Gans LLC, which specializes in transactional, contract and business law as well as civil litigation and bankruptcy. Additionally, he served as past president of the Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce.

He recently co-founded an investment fund, VMG Equity Partners. Before this he served as president/COO at The Firm for nine years and helped shape and manage the careers of numerous renowned artists including Leonardo DiCaprio, Snoop Dogg, Martin Scorcese, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake and Criss Angel.

Net Worth

David Baram is the co-founder of VMG Partners, a private equity firm that invests and grows marketing-driven branded consumer product companies. The Company works closely with entrepreneurs and management teams to provide capital, resources, and strategic guidance that accelerates growth, increases brand recognition, and maximizes value for investors.

Prior to co-founding VMG, Mr. Baram served as President and COO of The Firm – an influential talent management, film/television/music production company in the entertainment industry. Here he helped shape and manage careers of many prominent artists such as Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Snoop Dogg, Martin Scorcese, Jennifer Lopez Justin Timberlake Criss Angel and more. In this capacity Mr. Baram raised over $50 million in private equity capital from investors such as Thomas H. Lee and Bain Capital while also acquiring multiple other talent management and production firms.

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