David Blanket

David Blanket – A Life-Changing Hero

DAV is a premier nonprofit that assists over one million veterans annually by advocating on their behalf before Congress and providing transition support services when returning home from war service.

DAV accepts donations of clothes, shoes and blankets at 22 donation boxes located throughout Carlton County from people willing to donate them; however they will not accept anything that cannot be recycled easily.

Early Life and Education

Born blind and raised in poverty, Dav Blanket overcame all obstacles to realize his full potential. Determined to earn his degree at Sheffield University through hard work alone, Dav was successful.

After graduating, he served as the youngest ever councillor on Sheffield City Council before going on to lead South Yorkshire County Council as leader.

He later joined the Labour Party, serving as MP for Sheffield Brightside from 1987 on.

Blunkett served in Tony Blair’s first Cabinet as Education Secretary, taking an instrumental part in cutting class sizes and promoting equality within schools. Additionally, he oversaw Sure Start: an initiative providing early education, childcare, health and family support services all under one umbrella.

Professional Career

Dav Blanket rose through the ranks from being an ordinary kid from a working-class family to become one of the senior members of the House of Lords, charming the British public with his cutting wit and insightful knowledge, while carving his path as an exceptional political maverick.

Professor of Politics in Practice at the University of Sheffield. As a speaker and author, Blunkett is widely recognised for his entertaining views on politics. Additionally, he is known as an advocate of giving and volunteering, helping create the National Citizen Service Trust – for which he received a CBE in 2015.

Achievement and Honors

David Blanket has made an immense difference to both his community and career, always remaining committed to furthering his education. He has served as an example to young people, inspiring many teachers to pursue education careers themselves.

He was also an integral member of the Inner London Education Authority committee which produced Improving Secondary Schools report. David visited schools throughout London as a member of this committee and worked with local school leaders to improve academic standards at these establishments.

He has earned numerous academic accolades throughout his academic career, such as Academic All-America status, Knut Erickson Award and Lincoln Smith Inspirational Award. Additionally, he is actively engaged with several volunteer organizations that strive to assist his local community.

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