David Colvin

David Colvin

David Colvin is a highly seasoned commercial real estate expert with over two decades of experience. He represents businesses, tenants and buyers of buildings and condominiums throughout Northern Virginia.

David is also a singer/songwriter and producer. He has created three song cuts, with plans to release more music in the near future.

Early Life and Education

David Colvin was born in Saint Louis, Missouri to Ellis Cooper Colvin and Alta Myrtle “Snooks” Colvin.

He attended high school in St. Louis and graduated from Southwest High School. From there, he continued on to Washington University by night courses until 1962.

Colvin was an influential figure in the Civil Rights Movement, yet his story often gets overshadowed by Rosa Parks’ more famous one. It was her courage and stand for justice that ultimately inspired the Montgomery bus boycott.

In 1955, Colvin was arrested for disturbing the peace and violating segregation laws. But her charges were later expunged, leaving her record largely forgotten today.

Professional Career

David Colvin is an experienced commercial real estate professional with more than two decades of experience representing landlords and tenants of multi-story office buildings in Washington, DC.

He has also been recognized by his peers and is a Super Lawyer in commercial litigation. His practice encompasses various business disputes such as breach of contract, civil RICO, unclaimed property audit defense and misappropriation of trade secrets.

He is an accomplished stylist and fashion editor, having designed pieces for Vogue, Allure, The Last Magazine, CR Fashion Book, Porter and Glamor UK as well as GAP Eileen Fisher MAC. Additionally he has guest blogged for Moda; the internet truly belongs to him and he’s always on the lookout for new opportunities to expand his reach.

Achievements and Honors

David Colvin has accomplished a great deal in his life. He is a former rowing coxswain and an eight-time Australian King’s Cup champion, Olympian and medalist at World Rowing Championships.

He also has an impressive legal career, specialising in commercial litigation matters such as breach of contract, civil RICO, unfair business practices, unclaimed property audit defense, misappropriation of trade secrets and intellectual property matters.

David is a member of the firm’s Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Practice Group. He frequently speaks and participates on legal topics pertaining to environmental and social concerns.

Personal Life

David Colvin is a retired rowing coxswain and coach. He’s an eight-time Australian King’s Cup champion, an Olympian, and medalist at the World Rowing Championships.

He has also coached the Victorian representative women’s lightweight quadruple since 2004. Additionally, he served as club captain of Mercantile from 2000-2004.

His passion for rowing and teaching led to great success. Together with his wife Bev, they enjoyed travelling the world together with their kids & grandkids.

James “Chico” Guzman, an ex-con accused of killing Colvin, has a bizarre murder trial. A prosecutor stated that Guzman told his girlfriend 25 years ago that Colvin would make an easy target due to his age, inebriation and wealth.

Net Worth

David Colvin boasts a net worth of $1.5 Million and makes an annual salary of $1,010,000.

David Colvin is a renowned professional singer-songwriter in addition to his professional endeavors. He has released 12 albums and an acclaimed memoir.

Colvin is an ardent philanthropist, having donated to numerous charities. Additionally, he founded a nonprofit organization for children with cancer to provide them with support.

He has amassed a fortune through his business activities and sports career. As Chairman of Rise Above Enterprises – an International real estate development company worth millions – he enjoys great success in both fields.

As a war reporter, she often took risks to get the stories that were often disregarded by authority figures. As such, she experienced physical and psychological injuries as part of her work.

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