David Crown

David Crown is a Well-Respected British Singer and Teacher

David Crown is a highly-acclaimed British singer-teacher with an impressive resume. He’s traveled throughout Europe and the US, often guesting with choirs.

He is the founding Musical Director of Opus 48, an acclaimed choral society in Oxfordshire. Additionally, he performs regularly as a soloist.

Early Life and Education

David had an affinity for music from a young age, listening to his mother’s Elvis, Paul Anka and Beach Boys records. Additionally, he was an avid fan of The Monkees television show.

David pursued the theatrical arts and creative writing during college, but his musical interests never wavered. He continued writing songs and used his campus work-study earnings to purchase a Roland Juno 106 synthesizer.

His debut album, The Tower, was released in 1992 and quickly gained notoriety as one of the Pacific Northwest’s most popular instrumental piano albums of its era. It served as a reminder that God’s sovereignty can be relied upon during difficult times. Later that same year he created Overcome as an intimate tribute to his father’s unwavering faith and testament to how love can overcome any hardship.

Professional Career

David Crown is a highly accomplished finance executive with extensive investment banking and mergers and acquisitions expertise. He founded Finance Career Launch to share his knowledge with young financial professionals eager to progress their careers.

He is also a podcaster, blogger, musician, mentor and coach. He believes that being an accomplished professional is essential for creating a more rewarding life and business.

He is immensely proud of his accomplishments in the world of finance. His list of impressive accolades and awards speaks for itself; he is a highly regarded and influential figure within this industry.

Achievements and Honors

As a Senior Scientist at the Planetary Science Institute, David Crown’s research interests lie in planetary geology and physical volcanology. Additionally, he has an active involvement in science education initiatives.

Crown enjoys reading and writing about space history in his free time. His works cover NASA’s Mercury program, its early missions to Venus and Mars, the Apollo moon landing, as well as many other topics.

He currently sits on the Planetary Science Board of Directors, serves on an advisory committee for the University’s new Space Museum, and edits astronomy publications. Furthermore, he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Additionally, he has published 11 geologic maps as well as over 50 other scientific articles. Lastly, he enjoys amateur astronomy and photography hobbies.

Personal Life

David Crown, the acclaimed musician featured in the Netflix show “The Crown,” has served as music director for some of the UK’s largest choirs and also teaches choral singing.

He is currently the Musical Director of Cheltenham Bach Choir, one of the premier large choral societies in the UK. With them he has made several tours to Europe performing works from Elgar to Vaughan Williams.

The Colonel built his career by cultivating friendships that would last a lifetime. He treated his employees like family, never viewing business as a competition between businesses.

Net Worth

The heir to the British throne has an estimated net worth of $10 billion, largely due to her property holdings. These include Balmoral Castle in Scotland, Sandringham House, stud and fruit farms throughout the UK, marine land throughout Great Britain, as well as a collection of Royal Art.

In Aspen, the Crowns own two ski resorts and several properties nearby. Furthermore, they donate to local nonprofits and support Aspen Institute programs such as the Henry Crown Fellowship program.

The Crowns’ fortune has been severely affected by market turmoil, with several of their long-held companies losing money in 2022. Estee Lauder’s family business is down by one third; Belgian brewer AB InBev and media mogul Cox each experienced losses of more than 25%.

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