David Dechman

David Dechman – A Prominent Global Leader in the Financial Industry

David Dechman is an esteemed leader in the financial industry. As co-founder of Summit Rock Advisors, he oversees $10 billion for 30 esteemed charitable foundations, college endowments and private family clients worldwide.

Dechman, Goldman Sachs’ first openly gay partner, has long been dedicated to advocating nondiscrimination for LGBTQ communities and equality and social justice for all. Together with partner Michel Mercure, he’s active in several philanthropic organizations such as the Gill Foundation.

Early Life and Education

David Dechman is an eminent investor and philanthropist. He’s a renowned photographer, as well as being the steward of MoMA (Museum of Modern Art).

He was one of the first openly gay partners at Goldman Sachs and has long supported GLSEN, an organization dedicated to championing LGBT issues in education. Additionally, he supports Tim Gill’s Gill Foundation which works towards advancing nondiscrimination efforts for LGBTQ individuals as well as equality and social justice for all.

Professional Career

Dechman, the CEO and co-founder of Summit Rock Advisors, oversees over $10 billion for 30 prominent charitable foundations and college endowments. Prior to founding Summit Rock, he spent 16 years at Goldman Sachs & Co. – most recently as Partner and head of Private Wealth Management for the Americas.

He serves as trustee and chairman of MoMA’s photography acquisition committee, which was recently named one of the world’s largest photography collections by ARTnews magazine. Additionally, he has long been an enthusiastic supporter of Tim Gill’s Gill Foundation – an organization dedicated to eliminating discrimination against LGBTQ individuals. As a passionate supporter of equality and social justice causes, he has supported organizations such as Harvard Business School and Democracy Prep Public Schools with his backing.

Achievements and Honors

Dechman has made a name for himself as an investment executive, making headlines as Goldman Sachs’ first openly gay partner and co-founder of Summit Rock Advisors. When not at work, Dechman devotes his spare time to arts projects and philanthropy.

He is an enthusiastic art enthusiast, frequently attending MoMA exhibitions and serving on its photography acquisition committee. Additionally, Dechman supports nondiscrimination efforts for LGBTQ individuals through the Gill Foundation. An avid technologist himself, Dechman was proud to be part of the team responsible for creating New York Now: Home, an augmented reality interactive public artwork in NYC. As a Virginia Tech graduate, Dechman recalls his undergraduate experience as one of his college highlights.

Personal Life

David Dechman is an accomplished businessman with a distinguished career in finance. As CEO of Summit Rock Advisors, he offers financial guidance and portfolio management to select families and charitable organizations.

He serves as a trustee of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, an affiliated teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, and sits on its investment committee. Furthermore, he has held roles on the Advisory Boards of both Harvard Business School’s Initiative on Social Enterprise and HBS Social Enterprise Student Club Alumni Advisory Boards.

He and his partner Michel Mercure have dedicated their lives to philanthropy, art, travel, advocacy, and support of groups such as GLSEN, The Gill Foundation, and Freedom to Marry.

Net Worth

David Dechman has an estimated net worth of $30 million. He is the chief executive and co-founder of Summit Rock Advisors, an investment firm which manages around $10 billion for 30 notable charitable foundations, college endowments, and private family clients.

Before founding Summit Rock, Dechman spent 16 years at Goldman Sachs & Company. Most recently, he served as Partner and co-head of their Private Wealth Management for the Americas division, managing approximately $200 billion for individual investors.

He is a trustee of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and serves on its investment, audit and conservation committees. Additionally, he collects photography – his collection being included in ARTnews magazine’s global ranking of top 10 collectors. Furthermore, he supports Tim Gill’s Gill Foundation with funding.

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