David Gamali

David Gamali

David Gamali is an artist born in Zimbabwe who has been living in Australia for four years, where he strives to keep the Shona art tradition alive.

He is a renowned Shona sculptor renowned for his masterpieces. His artworks have won him many awards in recognition of their excellence.

Early Life and Education

David Gamali is an esteemed lawyer in his field. Currently, he’s an associate at Dentons US LLP in Washington D.C.

His net worth is believed to be in the tens of millions. Additionally, he is an accomplished author with works such as The Indo-Fijian Experience, A Room to Write and The Children of Ramchandramanus Country.

He is an expert in the medical industry. A seasoned executive with significant leadership roles in marketing, sales and strategic planning, he has served on multiple executive boards and is a frequent speaker at industry events. With a background in neuroscience and a PhD in Neuromodulation under his belt, he has an impressive resume as a business strategist who helped turn around an established Medical Device company.

Professional Career

As a writer, David Gamali has contributed articles to esteemed publications. Additionally, he is a real estate agent and mortgage originator who caters to high-net-worth clients.

David is a self-made businessman who has achieved success through hard work and dedication. As an expert in his field, David now enjoys mentoring young people.

He believes there are a few key principles every professional should strive towards, one of which being insatiable curiosity. He believes this helps people uncover things they would otherwise overlook, makes them more productive and contented in their job, as well as fosters meaningful connections with others.

Personal Life

David Gamali is a well-known figure in Fijian literary and cultural circles. He was one of the founding members of Mana literary journal, worked as an editor, and mentored emerging writers.

His literary works are inspired by his personal experiences and observations of life in Fiji, as well as an interest in the country’s history.

He was a major force in the literary renaissance that occurred in small island states of the South Pacific during the 1970s. Additionally, he served as both a critic and educator, contributing to its development.

He is the author of several books, such as The Indo-Fijian Experience; A Room to Write; and The Children of Ramchandramanus Country. Additionally, he has published numerous short stories. His works have been widely read and received many accolades for their content.

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