David Graston

David Graston and the Graston Technique

The Graston technique is an instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization therapy that breaks up fascial restrictions, scar tissue adhesions, and reduces chronic inflammation and fibrosis. It’s used for conditions such as cervical/lumbar sprains/strains, tennis elbow/golfer’s elbow/rotator cuff tendinitis/achilles tendinitis/other injuries.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David Graston is an expert tool and die maker by day, as well as an avid tournament water skier at night. Unfortunately, in 1987 he suffered a knee injury while water skiing which necessitated surgery; unfortunately, this scar tissue left him with unresolved range of motion and strength deficits that kept him from reaching his full potential.

Graston was inspired to develop the Graston technique, a collection of tools designed to detect and break up knots and bands of scar tissue. Medical doctors, chiropractors, therapists and professional athletes have praised this method as one of the best when it comes to improving patients’ range of motion, relieving pain and improving quality of life. Since then Graston has gone on to launch and promote his own television show called the Graston Health & Fitness network.

Achievement and Honors

Graston, a machinist by profession, suffered a knee injury while water skiing and was dissatisfied with how long conventional therapy took to heal his injuries. So he set about developing tools and methods for speedier healing – working closely with staff at Ball Memorial Hospital in Indiana where they eventually created The Graston Technique (SASTM), now used worldwide to treat soft tissue injuries.

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Personal Life

David Graston is a machinist by trade and an accomplished tournament water skier by passion. After suffering a knee injury while skiing, surgery failed to restore his range of motion; therefore he turned to cross-friction massage to help realign any scar tissue that was impeding progress.

After years of struggling to manage his pain on his own, David joined forces with medical and research staff at Ball Memorial Hospital and Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana to refine an instrument used for the Graston Technique(r). This soft-tissue mobilization technique uses stainless steel tools that glide over affected muscles, ligaments, and tendons to identify any restrictions or adhesions.

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