David Grath

Artist David Grath

David Grath is renowned in the world of art and creativity as one of the early pioneers who laid the foundations for South Lake Michigan’s vibrant artisan community. He currently resides at his studio in Northport, Michigan where he works and exhibits.

He is part of a collective of artists that visits Samaritans’ Closet almost weekly. His paintings often depict land and water interacting in tranquil settings.

Early Life and Education

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Graham’s artwork expresses his belief that nature is breathtakingly beautiful and should be celebrated. His artwork often employs vivid visuals to capture this splendor in a unique and vivid manner.

Professional Career

David Ggrath has achieved great success in a variety of fields. He has performed as both singer and actor in numerous theatrical productions.

He has extensive experience as a music director, conductor, composer and vocal educator. He has conducted and arranged for theatres, concert venues and recording artists around the world.

He has taught at the New York University CAP21 Conservatory (students include Anne Hathaway, Kristen Bell and Matthew Morrisson), as well as SUNY Cortland and Nazareth College in Rochester. Currently he serves as Resident Professional Teaching Artist at Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia where he also held artist fellowships from National Alliance for Musical Theatre and Culture Works. In addition to this extensive academic background, his writing credits span across numerous musicals and operas across several genres.

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

David Grath is a true Pisces who calls Northport his home, where his two-room gallery showcases his many artworks. With an eccentric sense of humor and knack for making friends, David has become a staple at the annual Northport Art Fair since its inception in 2005. His most recent show titled the Nexus was well received by attendees.

As it happens, David Grath is the subject of a new book entitled A Grath-Melody of a Man: Life and Art of David Grath written by his daughter Susan Grath. It’s an exquisitely written and clever read, telling the tale of how their family found love through art, science and medicine – not only enlightening but inspiring too!

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