David Greenhut

David Greenhut

David Greenhut is a retired attorney and inventor, having filed several patents. He’s also written several columns for the San Diego Union-Tribune and is now a Senior Fellow for R Street Institute – an anti-capitalism think tank – as well as contributing to OC Register on a weekly basis.

Early Life and Education

David Greenhut has a distinguished and varied career. He is an acclaimed artist, curator, instructor as well as producer, writer, director of several television and film projects. Beyond his professional accomplishments, David is also an active community volunteer; co-creating “WBLD – Radio-a-thon”, an all-weekend long event which has raised over $5,000 for local charities; always looking to do more in this area.

He runs his own tea and essential oils store called Green Hut, is a senior fellow at R Street Institute (a free-market think tank), and writes a weekly column for The Orange County Register.

Professional Career

Dave Greenhut has over three decades of experience as a business development, sales and marketing executive. During that time he has spearheaded the introduction of numerous life sciences products into global markets. He is an expert in strategic planning, brand differentiation, direct to consumer advertising and customer retention. His skillset has earned him several pharmaceutical company strategic customer relationships worth millions of dollars. He has extensive experience working with major pharmaceutical companies such as Glaxo, Allergan and Johnson & Johnson on numerous successful campaigns. As a digital marketing thought leader he has received recognition from FOLIO, ASBPE, Tabbies and Min’s. Currently he serves as CEO of Narrative Dimensions – a nonprofit organization that develops online health behavior change programs for those living with chronic illness.

Achievement and Honors

David Greenhut has earned numerous accolades and awards for his contributions to the art world. He spearheaded the establishment of an MFA degree program at Maine College of Art and served on its board of directors. Additionally, his paintings have been showcased at galleries throughout America such as Portland’s Portland Art Center and New York City’s Museum of Modern Art. Additionally, David has penned several books and is currently working on launching his first print collection.

He was honored with the Writers Guild of America’s Laurel Award for Screenwriting Achievement in 2006, as well as the WGAW Paddy Chayefsky Laurel for Television Writing Achievement and Herb Sargent Award for Comedy Excellence.

Personal Life

David Greenhut is a renowned artist who has been active in the art world since 1950s. He is passionate about social justice issues and champions diversity and inclusion, as well as literature – having written several novels. When not painting or spending time with friends, David loves to travel around Los Angeles where he currently resides.

David Greenhut has been married to Lynda Marie for many years, and they have one child together. In 2011, the couple filed for divorce and it was finalized in 2011. Today, the couple resides in Los Angeles, California. You can find their address, phone number and more by searching public records; our advanced search feature may also yield additional details about them.

Net Worth

David Greenhut boasts a net worth of $10 million, earned through his years as an inventor. He has filed patents on several inventions that he believes have commercial potential and is best known for his role on “Clue,” for which he co-authored the book with David Allen. To learn more about David Greenhut, you can explore his current and past addresses, phone numbers, email address and known relatives; plus search his arrest records, driving records and more.

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