David Hering

The Life of David Hering

David Hering has made headlines in recent years due to his charismatic bidding style and successful auction business ventures. Not only is he one of the cast members on reality television show Storage Wars, but his name also resonates with many in the auction world.

His aggressive bidding style caused a stir on the show, yet he remains an accomplished auctioneer and popular personality among fans. In fact, he even has his own website where he offers advice and expertise regarding auctions.

Early Life and Education

Many educators consider the early years of childhood to be of paramount importance for human development. These years are when children begin developing a sense of self and an eagerness to learn.

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David Hering worked hard to reach success in his career, yet he began feeling as though he were neglecting other aspects of himself as a person. He began having issues with health, relationships, and mental wellbeing.

David made a conscious decision to alter his lifestyle and prioritize improving his overall well-being. Additionally, he committed to spending more time with his family.

Professional Career

David Hering is an eminent professional with experience in law, figure skating and aviation. Additionally, he serves on the Board of Directors for IMS Health Inc. – a leader in providing information solutions to pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations around the world.

He practiced law for more than 30 years, practicing in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Colorado and being admitted to the Federal Courts of those three states.

He was also a certified instrument, multi-engine airline transport pilot with type rating Citation jet aircraft. Additionally, he served as flight instructor and charter pilot. Furthermore, he served as Olympic coach and consultant to President Carter’s Commission on Olympic Sports; being Master rated in three coaching disciplines. A member of the Professional Skaters Hall of Fame, he received numerous awards and honors throughout his career.

Achievements and Honors

David Hering has been an illustrious professional, earning himself numerous honors throughout his life. These include being appointed Chairman and Managing Partner of Boies Schiller Flexner since 1997.

He won a World Championship gold medal in figure skating and was master rated across three coaching disciplines. Furthermore, he served as consultant to President Carter’s Commission on Olympic Sports.

David’s passion for aviation led him to become a certified instrument, multi-engine, airline transport and type-rated Citation jet pilot. Additionally, he served as flight instructor, charter captain and life source organ transplant mission pilot.

He is the recipient of numerous honors, including a Wright Brothers “Master Pilot” award for 50 years without accidents or violations. Additionally, he received the ITA’s David A Benjamin Achievement Award.

Personal Life

David Hering is a renowned YouTube star and content creator whose videos have earned him several prestigious awards and recognition.

David Hering enjoys spending his free time with his family and playing outdoors. He’s an avid hunter as well.

He is an avid collector of vintage cars and boasts an impressive collection. Some of his favorite vehicles include a Dodge Super Bee, Ford GPW Green and Chevrolet C10.

David Hering enjoys a special bond with his mother, Mrs. Dobrik, who is always there to provide him with support and encouragement. She even takes part in his social media videos for him.

Net Worth

David Hering is a well-known TV host known for his striking good looks. He hosts ABC World News Tonight and co-hosts 20/20.

He is an accomplished broadcaster, earning more than $5 million annually through endorsement deals and merchandise sales.

As a television personality, he has appeared on multiple shows for HGTV and earned an estimated income of $500,000 from these projects. Additionally, he sells his own merchandise such as hats and tee shirts.

He owns several cars, such as a Mustang GT convertible and Toyota Celica. Ever since he was young, he has had an affinity for cars – taking them to car shows whenever possible. Additionally, he enjoys travelling and spends plenty of time on the road.

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