David Hershan

Anesthesiologist – David Hershan

David Hershan is an anesthesiologist in North Bergen, NJ who ensures patients’ safety during surgery and helps manage their pain afterward.

He obtained his degree from the Franklin University of Health Sciences / Chicago Medical School in 1985 and is currently affiliated with Francis Ny Plastic Surgery PC.

Achievements and Honors

David Hershan has made a number of significant accomplishments throughout his career. He has served as senior executive in multiple industries and been recognized with numerous awards.

Professor Michael James Robertson AM – For his distinguished service to science as a biochemist, medical research and education, international scientific bodies, as well as community engagement within science. Furthermore, he has been an advocate for diversity and gender equity within academia.

Dr Rachael Linda Kohn has earned recognition for her distinguished service to broadcast media, particularly radio as a creator, producer and presenter, as well as Jewish studies. Additionally, she has been an advocate for women in leadership positions and social justice advocacy.

Simon Joseph Lewis PSM – For his outstanding contributions to public administration across a range of portfolio areas and transformational change management and organisational design. Additionally, he has been an enthusiastic champion for diversity in the workplace and women in leadership positions.

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