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A Look at David Lemanowicz’s Net Worth

Fred Margiotta strives to help his community. A member of Disabled American Veterans Chapter 9 in Spokane, he advocates on their behalf as well.

DAV is providing assistance and unemployment grants for veterans affected by this pandemic who have lost their jobs as a result of flu-related illnesses, while also helping those who require transportation to VA medical appointments.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David Lemanowicz is a professional Ice Hockey player. Born on 8 March 1976 in Vancouver, British Columbia – Canada

He is married to Jill Wagner, an American actress. The couple share one daughter together named Lija.

They’re also very affectionate; every summer, they take their daughter on vacation so that they can spend quality time together.

He loves traveling in his free time and has explored every continent many times over.

At the University of Texas-Pan American he completed a Masters in Global Securities through ROTC. While serving in the Marine Corps he held roles of powerline division officer and maintenance officer. Since 2014 he has been practicing Physician Assistant medicine in Spokane, Washington.

Achievement and Honors

Through his career, Dav Spokane has made a lasting mark in Spokane and beyond. His dedication to serving Spokane was truly outstanding and was recognized with numerous honors.

Heike is an inspiring leader and colleague who can often go unnoticed, yet she makes a positive difference for all those she comes into contact with in Spokane. While she may not often speak of herself directly, Heike’s numerous strengths make a large mark on our city.

“She was instrumental in the establishment of the Carl Maxey Center in Spokane’s East Central neighborhood, an event space focusing on cultural enrichment, economic development, social equity and racial justice. As an invaluable partner to YWCA she helps make our city more inclusive and equitable – she currently sits on their Board and was named Lifetime Legacy (now, 1983 Society Ambassador)). Her contributions will leave an indelible mark on Spokane.”

Personal Life

Spokane, Washington state’s most densely populated swath is home to over 43,000 residents per square mile, making it a delight for visitors. There’s something amazing to see and do here for every member of the family – from natural and cultural attractions like its awe-inspiring waterfalls to museums and galleries there’s sure to be something exciting happening every time you turn a corner! Additionally, Spokane boasts one of Washington’s largest medical complexes as well as parks and recreational opportunities like its popular Spokane Lake!

Dave and Vickie have been married for almost 50 years – an astonishing achievement considering they have four children, fifteen grandchildren and elderly parents to care for. Yet they cling to their conviction that a great marriage is worth investing in.

Net Worth

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