David Marshak

David Marshak

David Marshak is an educator and author of multiple books. Known for his insightful yet practical teaching style, his approach makes learning enjoyable and effective.

His photography has also helped conservation groups spread their messages. The proceeds from his photography help cover travel expenses while the remainder is given directly back to these causes.

Early Life and Education

Marshall developed a profound belief in democracy and justice as an avid student of history. His life-long learning drew inspiration from leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr and Robert Kennedy who championed equality among society.

He attended Lincoln University and Howard University Law School before becoming chief counsel of the NAACP and representing important civil rights cases before the Supreme Court such as Brown vs. Board of Education (1954) which led to desegregation in public schools.

Marshak examines the shared visions of three influential teachers – Rudolf Steiner, Aurobindo and Inayat Khan – as a starting point to show how these ideas have been implemented globally and children raised and educated today based on this perspective.

Professional Career

David Marshak is a neuroscientist at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston whose research explores primate retina neurons supported by the National Eye Institute.

He leads the Foundation Medicine team that performs comprehensive genomic sequencing for cancer patients and matches them to targeted therapies, immunotherapies and clinical trials. He is widely respected in his field and an industry thought leader.

He was an invaluable member of the medical community and an exceptional practitioner, always prioritising patient needs above everything else. His dedication and passion were an inspiration to colleagues and students alike – it is saddened that such an inspiring figure has now passed on from us all.

Achievement and Honors

David Marshak balances teaching social studies, economics and psychology at the Academy of Holy Angels in Richfield with annual wildlife photography expeditions to Africa where he has become known for his expertise as a photographer – using proceeds from these sales to recoup trip costs while giving away any excess profits to conservation groups.

He also is passionate about international scientific cooperation through physics. He helped establish the Rochester Conference (now known as the International Conference on High Energy Physics), and worked with the State Department to include Eastern European and Soviet scientists as participants at this gathering.

Personal Life

david marshak is an internationally acclaimed Canadian artist and painter best known for his vivid landscapes, richly detailed urban scenes, and tranquil skyscapes. Born in Toronto Ontario, his artwork has been shown internationally since being first displayed there in 1969.

His home in Cannington, Ontario currently consists of himself and Sarah Tacoma (an artist/photographer), as well as Wyn and their dog Timppa – three members from different disciplines who share his life and artistic sensibility.

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