David Overby

David Overby – General Surgeon in Hillsborough, NC

David Overby is an experienced general surgeon based out of Hillsborough, NC who is affiliated with University of North Carolina Hospitals and boasts 22+ years of experience.

He specializes in bariatric surgery, minimally invasive procedures, and hernia repair. Patients say he is compassionate and listens carefully.

Early Life and Education

David Overby was born and raised in Sharpsburg, North Carolina with his small family and many close friends and neighbors around him.

Graduate of Canton High School in 1967 and later attending the University of South Dakota. While working for Cargill in Minneapolis he made many friends.

Following graduation, Overby embarked upon his career as a physical educator in Washington D.C. He also conducted research which indicated children learned best when participating in creative movement activities.

After earning his undergraduate degree, Overby continued his education by attaining both master’s and doctorate degrees in Kinesiology. After teaching at University of Maryland for five years before taking on his current position at University of Delaware as Faculty Director for Undergraduate Research and Experiential Learning Office.

Professional Career

David Overby has built his professional career on an eclectic blend of scientific and cross-cultural interests. These explorations led to several academic opportunities – among them receiving his Ph.D. at Valencia University in Spain.

As part of her interdisciplinary explorations, she also had the chance to work with many international students and establish relationships that continue today. Her experiences have proven invaluable.

Overby has now developed a performance piece combining poetry, dance and music designed to make the story of Dave the Potter more accessible to a broader public. She has performed her piece both on campus and in her community; screenings will also take place at Council on Undergraduate Research national conferences such as that scheduled for June.

Achievement and Honors

David Overby is an established physician with 22 years of experience. Known for providing patients with superior treatment and results, Overby works at numerous hospitals and medical facilities while being an American Medical Association and Missouri Bar member.

Overby is widely recognized for his leadership in community engagement in the arts and humanities, particularly racial justice issues. Notable achievements include being named Deputy Director of the University’s Community Engagement Initiative; working alongside several local, national, and international organizations on projects designed to address them directly; these collaborations have proven fruitful with thousands of community partners benefitting over time from his collaborations.

Personal Life

David Overby was raised in Wake County, North Carolina. His father William Epps Overby worked as a painter.

He and his siblings eventually returned to Petersburg, VA; during the 1860 census they could be found living on Plum Street.

He recounted working in a wheel wright mill during this time. He recounted the story of how iron tires were heated to expand before being placed onto wooden spoke rims and tightened tighter with water cooling them onto their respective rims.

David Overby purchased a 200 acre tract from Fletcher Manson at the southern end of his 1000 acre Neblett land grant located in Lunenburg County during this era.

Net Worth

David Overby is one of the rare journalists in America with two overlapping lives – as the leader of an anti-First Amendment non-profit and board member for a company which actively works against freedom of information and press.

Overby’s work with the Freedom Forum and Newseum is well-known within journalistic circles, yet his role at CCA remains hidden from public view. However, this creates a troubling conflict of interest for anyone who values free speech and press. Although Overby is not registered as lobbyist with the Clerk of the House of Representatives, according to Federal Election Commission records he has given thousands of dollars into CCA PAC as contributions as well as contributing hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions to Lamar Alexander who he has supported for numerous gubernatorial races over his lifetime.

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