David Putz

David Putz – A Well Rounded Man of Honor

David Putz is a Senior Executive Vice President at Arrowhead General Insurance Agency and head of its National Programs Division.

Putz recently joined Arrowhead from Zurich Insurance North America, where he served as Head of Alternative Markets with responsibility for $7 billion in written premium. In his new role, Putz will focus on creating more robust automotive solutions.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

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On November 1, 2019 Brown & Brown Inc. (NYSE:BRO) announced the appointment of David Putz as Executive Vice President and General Manager of Arrowhead General Insurance Agency Inc. within their National Programs Division.

Over 24 years, Putz has worked for Zurich Insurance North America, most recently serving as Head of Alternative Markets with responsibility for $7 billion worth of written premium. At Arrowhead, he will collaborate closely with Chris Walker – President of Brown & Brown National Programs – and their leadership team.

Achievement and Honors

David Putz has achieved great honor in his short career, earning numerous accolades and awards along the way. He was named a national finalist for an esteemed scholarship competition, received an athletic scholarship from one of America’s premier institutions, and earned recognition on the all-conference team after an outstanding freshman campaign.

David Putz has earned multiple accolades for his play on the field, including an honorable mention from the College Football Hall of Fame and induction into the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s All-Freshman Hall of Fame. Aside from his collegiate successes, david putz has also been a longtime supporter of local charities and causes, serving on several nonprofit boards in the past decade.

His career has been marked by an intense passion for helping students of all ages reach their full potential.

Personal Life

David Putz is a successful businessman and accomplished note investor who enjoys helping others reach their investment objectives. As the owner of JKP Holdings, he has established a mastermind group that holds weekly webinars on note investing topics.

His life story is one of hard work, determination and devotion. Despite facing hardship in his professional career, he was able to achieve success and has inspired thousands around him.

His family-run business is still going strong after four generations. They continue the legacy of friendly service and high quality products that has become the hallmark of Putz’s. Furthermore, the family has managed to stay afloat despite various difficulties such as floods and recessionary periods in the economy.

Net Worth

In 2010, Putz decided that being a landlord wasn’t worth all the hassles. After years of investing in property renovations and rentals, he found that collecting rent, dealing with maintenance issues, and shelling out cash to cover expenses when properties weren’t occupied just wasn’t worth it anymore.

For a more passive approach, Putz joined a private equity fund where he assessed large quantities of non-performing notes and provided advice on which assets to purchase.

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