David Raileanu

David Raileanu – Social Activist and Democrat Socialist of America

David Raileanu, Director of Red Ink Community Library. He reported to 12 News that two bricks were thrown through its windows overnight, one bearing an “anti-Communist message.”

Since Labor Day, the library had been operating without incident. On Monday night however, people inside continued watching an online streaming video in multiple languages despite loud banging outside.

Personal Life

David Raileanu is a well-known social activist and Democratic Socialist of America leader. For over two decades, he has worked closely with Providence residents, improving education quality across the city with innovative programs from Red Ink Community Library as well as his DSA Chapter leadership duties.

On July 11 evening, a group of neo-Nazis stormed Red Ink’s community space and disrupted Red Books Day celebration. Raileanu believes they may have been members of an active neo-Nazi organization within the city.

Net Worth

David Raileanu is a prominent social activist based out of Chicago, Illinois and Memphis, Tennessee who has worked tirelessly to improve healthcare in several communities there. He initiated programs to increase cancer screening access as well as treat chronic health conditions more effectively. A member of Democratic Socialists of America, Raileanu strives to help everyone live healthy lives more equitable in an equitable manner – earning him a net worth estimated at over $1.5 Million at present. On December 5, 2016 however, one of his libraries was vandalized by Neo-Nazis who set fire inside it – further strengthening his social activism work and dedication.

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