David Rangaviz

David Rangaviz

David Rangaviz is an attorney employed at Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS). He previously clerked for Justice Barbara Lenk of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and Judge Kent Jordan of U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, having earned his degrees from Brown University and Harvard Law School respectively.

Early Life and Education

David Rangaviz was raised in a family that stressed moral values. As such, he held strongly to the importance of self-restraint and inner discipline as essential elements for personal success.

He believed that education should be a lifelong process and help cultivate character, leading to self-sufficiency and positive contributions to society. Furthermore, he thought children should have the chance to discover their unique talents and interests through education.

Krishnamurti’s philosophy of education incorporates elements of idealism, naturalism and pragmatism. He prioritized nurturing children’s inherent curiosity while emphasizing learning by doing with an aversion to pedantry or artificiality.

Personal Life

David Rangaviz is an Assistant Attorney General in the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Civil Rights Division. He joined the Division in 2017 after working as an appellate staff attorney for Committee for Public Counsel Services, and previously clerked for Justice Barbara Lenk of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, Kent Jordan of US District Court for Third Circuit and John Conroy from U.S. District Court for Vermont.

David was arrested in Pennsylvania for carrying one pound of marijuana and sentenced to two-to-four years in prison. After two years, his parole officer granted him parole; however, when he moved to Massachusetts last year his parole officer required him to wear a GPS monitor and undergo monthly drug testing with breathalyzer and urine tests. Additionally, David has kidney disease, thyroid conditions, as well as worsening spinal stenosis.

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