David Safar

David Safar – Anesthesiologist and Managing Director of Minnesota Public Radio

Safar is an accomplished physician renowned for his contributions to critical care medicine. He established both the first academic anesthesiology department worldwide and America’s inaugural intensive care unit – two achievements which stand as testament to his efforts.

He created America’s first ambulance service run by paramedics trained by doctors, chronicled in articles, books and his master’s degree thesis.

Early Life and Education

David Safar was an Austrian-born anesthesiologist who pioneered cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and later established the world’s first critical care unit at Baltimore City Hospital. Later he moved on to Pittsburgh where he founded an esteemed academic anesthesiology department and pioneered intensive-care medicine training programs.

Dr. Safar made his mark as both a medical doctor and an avid natural history explorer, publishing several books and producing natural history television programmes.

His love of nature led him to travel extensively around the globe, including Africa. Partnered with Timothy Jackson to form Jackson’s African Safaris – currently offering trips in South Africa and Zambia. Additionally, he is passionate about creationist writing numerous articles on creationism as well as organizing creation safaris.

Professional Career

Minnesota Public Radio’s alternative and local music station The Current is under the guidance of David Safar as managing director, which has propelled its local music scene forward significantly. Under his stewardship a number of innovative features such as Song of the Day podcasting and Local Current CD series have been developed.

He oversees the legal operations for Safari, an award-winning luxury safari tour operator in Africa, as its in-house lawyer. His background in non-profit management complements his passion for conservation and guest experiences on the ground; making him an ideal fit for this prestigious position.

Achievement and Honors

David Safar made history when he co-founded the world’s inaugural academic anesthesiology department, established an intensive-care unit, and started an emergency medical service training program – among many other notable achievements.

Since 1989, David has demonstrated an unfaltering dedication to producing high-quality standards documents. For instance, he spearheaded the development of key technical standards like Time Code, ancillary data mapping and compression. David is also an expert on 89.3 The Current, having helped develop its Song of the Day podcast feature and being at the heart of their local music initiative through their CD series and microshows.

Personal Life

David Safar hails from Austria and immigrated to the US in order to complete his surgical training at Yale New Haven Hospital in Connecticut and later anesthesiology studies in Philadelphia.

He established Pittsburgh’s inaugural intensive care unit and paramedic ambulance service. Additionally, he specialized in disaster medicine and co-founded both its professional society and journal.

On Sunday at age 79, Professor of Resuscitation Medicine at Pitt and known as “the Father of CPR”, Robert Keohane passed away.

Net Worth

David Safar is one such individual who has put in both hard work and patience in order to reach his success today.

As a result, he is one of the wealthiest individuals on Earth and an immensely popular personality throughout many parts of society.

His fortune comes from both his family business and YouTube income. He is an extremely popular social media influencer with millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube combined.

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