David Salanic

David Salanic – Portfolio Manager at Whitefort Capital

David Salanic serves as Co-Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager at Whitefort Capital, as well as co-Portfolio Manager of both Whitefort Partners Master Fund and Tortus Capital Master Funds.

He hails from Guatemala and identifies as Maya K’iche; currently, he’s seeking entry to the US so he can promote his film Jose.

Personal Life

David Salanic has lived his entire life dealing with discrimination. Raised in a very conservative environment where homosexuality was frowned upon, and forced to hide his true identity until coming out to his family, David now resides with them in Guatemala and works as an actor while struggling to gain entry to the U.S. (having been denied visas numerous times).

David serves as co-manager of Whitefort Capital, a distressed debt and special situations investment fund. Prior to creating Whitefort, he led high profile distressed activist investments at Fir Tree Partners while spearheading its sovereign efforts. Additionally, David worked in Lazard Freres & Co’s M&A Group in New York as an associate.

Net Worth

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