David Salmon

David Salmon – A Man of Many Talents

David Salmon is an award-winning opinion journalist, celebrated university debater, former Prime Minister in Jamaica’s Youth Parliament and scholar par excellence. He graduated from UWI Mona with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Policy and Management.

He currently works for Beyond Radio, a local digital radio station. Additionally, he founded the New Jamaica Foundation to foster youth development.

Early Life and Education

Dave Salmon’s hard work and dedication have earned him the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship for 2023. He came in first place out of 11 candidates – seven males and four females – competing for this year’s scholarship.

Growing up in rural New Zealand, Salmon took every chance to pursue his passion for electrical engineering. He created radios, electric motors and model airplanes from scratch with precision.

At Wolmer’s Boys School in Kingston, he earned academic honors and served as President of both the Art Club and debating society.

Salmon will be joining more than 100 scholars from around the world as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University in the United Kingdom (UK), studying for his doctorate in international development. As part of their fully funded postgraduate studies program, Salmon will join other Rhodes Scholars across many different countries.

Professional Career

Salmon was a master of many trades who grew up in rural New Zealand, making radios and electric motors from scratch. He also scraped sludge off wharves, houses, and barns for money-making opportunities.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Auckland. Upon completion, he embarked on his journey to the United States.

Salmon is a mediator at Salmon and Dulberg Dispute Resolutions, one of Florida’s premier mediation firms. His practice encompasses all aspects of business and commercial disputes as well as first-party property claims. He has extensive expertise using Zoom and other virtual platforms to provide participants with an efficient mediation experience.

Achievement and Honors

Salmon was recognized for his achievements at the University of the West Indies (UWI), where he excelled academically, advocated for social justice causes, and led with leadership. As such, Salmon earned himself the title of 2022 Valedictorian of the Faculty of Social Sciences at UWI.

He was an esteemed university debater and one-time Prime Minister in Jamaica’s Youth Parliament, earning him the Press Association of Jamaica’s Morris Cargill Award for Opinion Journalism in 2019.

Throughout his studies, he developed an interest in writing and advocating for environmental causes. He has penned over 250 articles that tackle difficult problems and offer solutions.

Personal Life

David Salmon is an impressive individual with many talents, having achieved success in several fields. He’s an award-winning opinion journalist, celebrated university debater, and distinguished scholar.

He earned his Bachelor of Science in Public Policy and Management from the University of the West Indies (UWI) in Mona, as well as a minor in International Relations.

He is currently studying at the University of Cambridge in America, pursuing a Master’s degree in Development Studies.

Net Worth

Dave Salmon is an internationally-acclaimed animal trainer and producer of TV shows. As a Canadian, his estimated net worth exceeds $1 Million dollars.

His net worth is the result of his investments and income. He owns stakes in publicly traded companies operating within the shipping, oil services and logistics sectors.

Furthermore, he owns both a home and yacht.

He has donated a substantial portion of his fortune to charitable causes. He has supported the African-Carribean Leukemia Trust and Richard House Children’s Hospice, among others.

His most valuable public stake is 25 percent of Seadrill, a deep water rigs operator. He uses cash from dividends to grow his investments while taking advantage of tax advantages as a Cypriot citizen.

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