David Savignon

David Savignon

David Savignon is an esteemed YouTuber who boasts millions of followers across his various social media platforms, as well as being an accomplished writer and actor.

He is an outstanding writer with extensive knowledge. In addition, he’s an exceptional thinker and problem-solver.

He is an outstanding businessperson with experience in finance. Additionally, he is an acclaimed entrepreneur having founded several successful enterprises.

Early Life and Education

David was raised in Ontario, Canada where he attended Olympus High School and Snow College before later relocating to Salt Lake City where he married Heidi Young.

He was an esteemed father and husband, deeply committed to his wife and children. Additionally, he served his community by joining numerous boards and organizations.

Family would like to express our sincerest thanks to all his friends and neighbours for supporting him during his fight with brain cancer, particularly doctors, nurses and therapists at Intermountain Medical Center, Huntsman Cancer Institute and Valeo Hospice.

Steve Smith will be missed, so to remember him please consider making a donation in his name to any charity of your choosing – visits the Steve Smith Family Foundation website for details.

Professional Career

David Savinelli worked tirelessly to advance his corporate career. However, his hard work began eclipsing other aspects of his life and left him feeling neglected by work.

At some point, he decided to leave corporate America and return to his roots. He moved back into rural Preble Township where he built a farmhouse on his acreage.

He discovered his love for travel and began working as a tour guide, eventually becoming director of a local tour group.

After several years, he was offered a job with June Morris’ travel agency based on his creativity and sales skills, where he successfully negotiated higher commissions with hotels and airlines while also bringing in many new business.

Achievement and Honors

David Savignon has received many honors for his achievements. He has been recognized for his exceptional leadership abilities and contributions to his community.

KDMC, founded by K. David Miller, provides marketing and branding services to various businesses. Miller boasts more than 25 years of experience in digital marketing and business strategy.

David not only operates as an entrepreneur, but he has also developed an immense following on YouTube with over 13 Million subcribers!

He is an avid sports enthusiast who delights in watching baseball, hockey and softball. Additionally, he shares his time with Ellie his small dog that makes her part of his daily routine.

Personal Life

David Savnell is a popular YouTuber who has earned millions of subscribers. His channel hosts videos featuring hidden cameras, challenges, and practical jokes.

Born in Slovakia but raised in Vernon Hills, Illinois when young, Ester moved with his three siblings Ester, Sara and Toby to Illinois as they grew.

After graduating from Oakland School, he attended University of California Irvine and obtained his bachelor’s degree. Additionally, he currently works as a highway patrol officer for California Highway Patrol.

He lives with Natalie Noel, his assistant and longtime companion who he met at their apartment complex’s prom together and with whom he has shared many years together.

Net Worth

David Savinall has established himself as an internet celebrity through his comedy videos. With an enormous online following and his dark, irreverent style, David has quickly established a booming career online.

His estimated net worth is estimated to be $25 Million, as well as significant earnings from Clickbait apparel line which sells hoodies and shorts.

He has built up an incredible YouTube following with over one million subscribers to his channel, featuring videos about his daily life and travels.

He was born in Kosice, Slovakia and immigrated with his parents illegally to the US at six years old. Although these individuals arrived here illegally, they are protected against deportation under DACA Dreamers protections.

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