David Stankiewicz

David Stankiewicz

David Stankiewicz brings more than 12 years 11 months of experience to non-profit organization management.

He currently works at Grand Canyon University as both baseball coach and event services specialist.

Early Life and Education

David Stankiewicz was born July 21, 1953 to an Air Force father and spent most of his childhood living all across California with him before graduating from Poly High School in 1971.

He married Terri Benson in 1988 and the couple settled in Broomfield, Colorado where they raised two children together.

He enjoyed a successful professional career with Leanin’ Tree Greeting Card Company in Boulder and was also active as a volunteer with the Boys and Girls Club of Broomfield, having many exciting adventures while volunteering his time there. David will be sorely missed by family and friends alike and one way we can honor his memory is by following in his footsteps by being good human beings ourselves, giving back to our communities in terms of time and resources.

Professional Career

David Stankiewicz currently works as the Technical Expert for Asset Management Policy at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Prior to that he served as Youth Minister and Youth Director in a number of churches.

After enjoying success as a Major League Baseball professional, david Stankiewicz took over as head coach of Grand Canyon University Antelopes in 2011. Within five seasons of taking charge, Stankiewicz led them to four Western Athletic Conference regular season titles and was honored as WAC Coach of the Year four times!

He watched his father, a police officer and professional boxer fighting at The Forum in Los Angeles. Through watching his dad fight professionally at The Forum he learned the grind, motivation and toughness needed to lead GCU into its third Division I NCAA tournament appearance.

Achievement and Honors

David Stankiewicz has earned numerous honors throughout his life. While serving in the U.S Marine Corps, he achieved Corporal status and received a Bronze Star for valorous actions during a combat mission.

He has received awards for his writing. The MASS Literary Festival honored him as a Massachusetts Writer, while My First Beatrice from Moon Pie Press won Maine State Book Award in fiction category.

George Theiner Prize, given annually for efforts that promote Czech literature overseas. Marketa Goetz-Stankiewicz from University of British Columbia received this year’s award due to her many years of work promoting it within Canada – something of which she can be extremely proud.

Personal Life

Friends have remembered David Stankiewicz, a senior at Syracuse University who died Saturday, as an unselfish individual who cared deeply for others. From freshmen athletes he met last semester to theater majors who lived on his block – students never forget him for his laughter or caring nature.

Hannah Volpe, who lived across from Stankiewicz in Haven Hall, felt as if they knew him for years; she and her roommates remembered how he always made them feel like family. Claire Govoni, a junior theater management major who also lived near him, described how Stankiewicz asked questions about their lives while also being supportive; with an amazing sense of humor he made them laugh often – truly one of the kindest individuals they had ever encountered and will be greatly missed by his friends and acquaintances alike.

Net Worth

David Stankiewicz is a member of American Superconductor’s Board of Directors with an estimated net worth of $168 Thousand. Additionally, he owns 10% of Expensify Inc, an expense management software platform used by businesses to track expenses from one place. Over the past 16 years he has made multiple trades of American Superconductor stock totalling more than $50,417; additionally as an Independent Director at American Superconductor he earns $100,235 annually with his largest trade being selling 2,200 units on December 15th 2016 which resulted in over $17K+ profit!

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