David Steinglass

David Steinglass

David Steinglass is an attorney specializing in real estate, land use, zoning and environmental matters. His clients turn to him when faced with complex cases; and his practice has earned acclaim due to his leadership, vision and passion for law.

His work involves acquiring entitlements and municipal permits for residential, commercial, and industrial projects – which he enjoys doing alongside his clients to produce successful development projects.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David Steinglass began his professional life as a barber and tire wholesaler in Great Falls before going on to become an accomplished television personality and actor.

He is best known for his work on Sex and the City and as a husband and father to two children.

David was born in Glasgow, Montana to Wanda Hembd and Lyle Anderson – his mother being an educator while his father being an accomplished physicist.

With both parents being professionals, David was given the foundation necessary for him to become successful in his profession. With extensive acting and finance backgrounds and a passion for helping people reach their financial goals, David believes in harnessing curiosity as a powerful driving force and an unquenchable desire to learn new things.

Achievement and Honors

David Steinglass, a child prodigy who excelled in first and second-grade tests with ease. According to WGAL News of Pennsylvania, he boasts an IQ of 135.

David is a passionate sports fan who has been coaching basketball since 2007. Additionally, he enjoys horseback riding and traveling with his family to different places around the globe.

He holds membership in several organizations, such as a country club in Lebanon, Virginia. Additionally, he is an outspoken social activist who has provided assistance for various political campaigns. Furthermore, he is an accomplished writer and actor – having published 25 books so far and garnered many awards. Currently residing with his wife and two children in Lebanon, Virginia

Personal Life

David Steinglass is an American businessman and media expert. He founded Deo Volente Media – a media development and communications consulting company.

He is estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of $4 Million and currently resides in Tellico Plains, Tennessee, US.

David hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin where he attended the University of Chicago before going on to earn his Ph.D. at University of California Berkeley.

He later joined Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut and University of Alabama faculty as an instructor. Throughout this time he published several papers and books as well as overseeing many honors theses for students at these institutions. Furthermore, he became a member of both National Academy of Sciences and International Order of Odd Fellows.

Net Worth

David Steinglass is an American writer, comedian, actor and television producer best known for his roles on Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

He has amassed a substantial net worth through his career as a comedy writer, which accounts for most of his income.

His real estate business has also contributed greatly to his net worth. With properties located across multiple states, he makes around $6 Million per week from this avenue of income.

David Steinglass has earned his fortune through hard work and perseverance. A talented writer and comedian, David has received many accolades and earned himself an audience of millions.

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