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David Vacuums Review

David Vacuums is a family-owned business dedicated to offering quality products and service. They carry vacuum cleaners from top brands like Riccar, Miele, Dyson, and Oreck for customers to choose from.

In addition to in-store demonstrations, they educate customers about different models and how to select the ideal vacuum for their needs. Furthermore, they offer maintenance and repairs on any make or model.

Early Life and Education

On February 15th, 2016, David Oreck – founder and legendary entrepreneur behind the Oreck Corporation and renowned for his commitment to quality and customer service – passed away at his home in Mississippi. Born in Duluth, Minnesota as a small redhead with an unwavering determination that would eventually propel him into success, Oreck passed away surrounded by family in his home state of Mississippi.

After graduating high school, he went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in chemistry at the University of Maine in Augusta and then pursued graduate school for physics at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Radiation Laboratory (LRL). Ultimately, he became both a professor of chemistry and director of LRL.

Professional Career

David Vacuum has had an illustrious career. As a self-trained marketing genius, he founded Oreck Corporation to sell vacuum cleaners by mail and appeared on infomercials. Additionally, his vacuum is unique because of its patented lift-off feature that allows users to clean beneath furniture and reach hard-to-reach places.

Today, the company is still going strong and continues to create innovative products that take the guesswork out of cleaning your home. Their newest offering is the pro-D by David, a powerful yet lightweight vacuum with some technological twists on traditional bagless design. This unit was created with customers in mind – boasting an elegant appearance and large bag which traps more debris than average bagless machines do. Plus, with hospital grade filtration system technology built-in, you can be sure your house stays clean and healthy at all times!

Achievements and Honors

David Vacuum has an illustrious career spanning numerous sectors from finance to education and entertainment. He was the founder and former CEO of E.M. Warburg Pincus & Co., a global investment banking firm; also holding honorary ambassadorships to Hungary and Canada respectively. One of vacuum’s most significant appointments was as President of the National Science Foundation – America’s highest ranking science agency – where he spearheaded research institute now known as NSF Tech Labs.

Personal Life

David Oreck was an entrepreneur and vacuum cleaner inventor from Duluth, Minnesota who started selling Oreck vacuum cleaners that weighed less than 9 pounds in the 1970s. He sold them to hotel chains because he believed their lightweight construction could handle heavy-duty work like that which maids often have to do.

On Wednesday, February 15th in his Mississippi home after a short illness, Oreck passed away at 99 years old. His wife Jan Oreck shared news of his passing earlier that day.

Net Worth

Established in 1963 by David Oreck, Oreck Corp is one of the country’s largest vacuum cleaner manufacturers. Their product lineup includes vacuums, steam mops, floor machines and air purifiers for both hotels and homes alike.

In 2003, Oreck sold his business to private equity owners for $22 million; now his three sons are leading a campaign to repurchase 96 retail stores and 250 manufacturing plants in Tennessee for less than what the business was worth when Oreck sold it in 2003.

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