David Vanderhoop

David Vanderhoop

David Vanderhoop is an established YouTube vlogger who began with Vine, which allows users to post 6-second videos. Since using this platform he has amassed an immense following while making millions through monetizing his videos.

He has amassed an estimated net worth in the millions and receives payment for every click made on his YouTube videos, as well as sponsorship deals that accompany them.

Early Life and Education

David vanderhoop was born December 14, 1953, in Perry, Oklahoma. He resided there before moving to Paden and graduating high school there.

David also served two years as a Mormon missionary in Brazil, honing both his salesmanship and leadership skills during that period.

Before joining the Tecumseh police department, he earned an associate’s degree in criminal justice before transitioning into logistics specialist for over $2 Billion worth of aviation equipment.

This video series examines developmental “clocks” throughout life. These clocks include biological, social and psychological indicators of development that mark distinct stages. Furthermore, viewers will become acquainted with John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Johann Pestalozzi theories as well as Frederick Froebel’s approach to child education.

Professional Career

He is a skilled bass fisherman who has won several Angler of the Year titles. His unconventional fishing technique has earned him respect among sports elite.

KVD is an exceptional role model as a family man, making time for his wife, two boys (Jackson and Nicholas), as well as being involved in church and community organizations.

David and Laura made their inaugural mission trip to Haiti in 2009 and have been committed to the work of Haiti Mission ever since, leading at least three trips per year.

Achievement and Honors

David & Laura have long been involved in charitable and religious communities on both a local and national level, most notably Haiti Mission Inc, a non-profit whose goal is to build homes for those in need in Jeremie Haiti, providing employment opportunities as well as providing housing.

David also earned high marks in education, graduating with a bachelor of science in business from Linfield College and showing an eye for detail and appreciation of life’s finer things – such as being a self-described wine connoisseur who occasionally enjoyed sipping fine vintages from around the globe. David was proud to attend both St Bernadette Elementary School and Vandebilt Catholic High School – earning himself recognition by both institutions with their Alumnus of the Year awards in 2022.

Personal Life

David Vanderhoop is a YouTube sensation with over 18 million subscribers. His comedy vlogs frequently feature celebrities, hidden cameras, challenges or practical jokes – often making for entertaining viewing!

Beginning his career on Vine, which allowed users to post 6-second video clips, before transitioning over to YouTube he has found great success with his vlogs garnering him both Shorty Award and Teen Choice awards for them.

David lives with his family in Vernon Hills, Illinois. He is separated but currently single. His siblings include Ester, Sarah and Toby.

Net Worth

David vanderhoop is an American media personality and entrepreneur. He founded Barstool Sports, a humorous sports and men’s lifestyle blog.

He makes significant earnings through Barstool and its associated businesses, in addition to endorsement deals and merchandise sales.

His net worth has been estimated at an estimated estimated of $125 Million as of 2022 and he owns multiple real estate properties.

David vanderhoop boasts an extensive social media following with over 14 million subscribers on YouTube alone. Additionally, he created The Vlog Squad: an ensemble of online personalities who publish videos together.

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