David Waterhouse

David Waterhouse

David Waterhouse is a physician and cancer research scientist at Oncology Hematology Care in Cincinnati. With an impressive resume, his commitment to cancer research and care continues to be unwavering.

He has served on the boards of several organizations and been recognized with various awards.

Early Life and Education

David Waterhouse received a classical education that would prove invaluable in his later career. He studied Latin, Greek and classical Japanese with an aim of becoming an expert translator.

He was raised in an idyllic family environment, and was an active participant in several scientific associations. His love of nature was particularly evident through his appreciation of large home gardens and nearby bush land.

Dave was an amazing husband and father, spending many years in retirement living with his beloved wife Lin. Dave enjoyed working on dune buggies to ride the California Dunes and taking on new challenges to make things work better. His passion for engineering ultimately brought him joy in retirement as well.

Professional Career

David Waterhouse began his career as a surveyor and commercial property consultant in England’s capital. Later, he established his own firm in York to specialize in investment, retail agency and asset management.

His architectural works include some remarkable buildings. Notable among them are the Natural History Museum, Manchester Town Hall and Eaton Hall.

He designed some of England’s most esteemed hospitals, such as Liverpool Royal Infirmary and University College Hospital London.

His buildings feature a blend of materials, often featuring terracotta on the exteriors and faience interiors. While brickwork was his favorite material, he used it creatively and had an affinity for polychromatic stonework – such as in his Manchester Assize Courts where several colored stones adorn the outside.

Achievements and Honors

Waterhouse was an accomplished architect with a wide clientele. He constructed notable buildings such as Manchester Town Hall, Eaton Hall and the Natural History Museum in London.

He was an enthusiastic supporter of Gothic architecture and designed the new Assize Courts in Manchester – his most significant commission which brought him widespread public recognition.

He was a strict disciplinarian, but also had an amusing sense of humour on occasion. While his methods could be somewhat conservative and he often refused to embrace modern technological advances, his research output was impressive – producing many valuable papers early in his career.

Personal Life

David Waterhouse was an intellectual with a wide-ranging interests. At King’s College in Cambridge, he studied Western Classics, moral sciences and Oriental art.

He specialized in Japanese art, particularly Suzuki Harunobu’s woodblock print work. Additionally, he learned to play the koto, a silk-stringed Japanese zither.

He published numerous papers on Japanese art, music and culture. Additionally, he taught at the University of Washington, Seattle Art Museum and University of Toronto for over four decades.

Net Worth

David Waterhouse, the estranged son of bookmaker Bill, has an estimated net worth of approximately $5.4 million. His properties include the $50million sandstone mansion Tresco in Elizabeth Bay and a waterfront apartment worth $2.5 million in Darling Point’s Santina building.

The former TV actor has earned a fortune through his work as an artist and screenwriter. He has appeared in numerous Shakespeare productions, such as Macbeth, Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

He is the uncle of Robbie, Tom and Kate Waterhouse as well as brother-in-law to horse training guru Gai. Last year he made a statement to cold case investigators outlining his father’s admissions regarding Paul Brown’s death.

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