David Whittle

David Whittle

David Whittle is a recognized expert in process safety and risk assessment. He directs, reviews, participates and/or audits various PHA, revalidation and advanced PHA/PSM/RMP compliance assessments for oil, gas and chemical industries.

He boasts over 35 years of industry expertise, having written, reviewed and/or participated in over 1,500 PHAs/revalidations for oil, gas and chemical companies worldwide.

Early Life and Education

David Whittle developed an interest in machinery early on, much like his father did. He took an intense fascination with UNSC and CMA vehicles, devouring numerous children’s books and ChatterNet sites that detailed these crafts with a thirst to know more.

As a child, his ambition was to join ONI and fight the Covenant for his home world of Jericho VII; however, in order to accomplish this goal, he had to part ways with childhood friend Alexis.

Whittle rose to become a highly-respected Royal Air Force (RAF) officer and esteemed engineer. He is credited with inventing the first turbojet engine, which later powered jet aircraft. Furthermore, Whittle designed an innovative self-powered drill that could drill oil and gas wells using lubricating mud instead of rigid pipe.

Professional Career

Whittle’s professional career encompasses both science and art. His clients include top digital marketing agencies in Australia, Asia and the US.

His current role as non-executive director at Australia’s largest department store group Myer has given him the opportunity to focus on new business, innovation and entrepreneurship. He believes in the transformative power of data and creativity, as well as the significance of creating strong brands.

He is an advocate of Optus’ “yes” idea, which he believes can help organizations create change and rally stakeholders around one word. This strategy, in his opinion, can be particularly successful in today’s uncertain world.

Achievements and Honors

Whittle was the innovator and creator of the jet engine, revolutionizing transportation as we know it today. His invention made him a hero to millions around the world.

Whittle began his military career by working in his father’s machine shop. There, he received excellent training in both practical workshop skills and theoretical aviation knowledge, ranking near the top of his class.

He completed his studies at Cambridge University and was granted special dispensation to work on his engine concept. This prompted him to form Power Jets Ltd. and seek manufacturers willing to make it a reality.

Personal Life

David loves watching movies and playing video games in his free time. He cherishes spending quality time with family and friends too.

In 1968, the family relocated from Cochrane to Saugerties, New York where Dave attended Saugerties High School. There he met his future wife Linda Temple and the two were wed in 1973.

They had three children, and the years that followed were filled with chaos.

Net Worth

David Whittle’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. This fortune has been amassed through his professional career in the media industry.

He has also profited from his investments in various companies. For instance, he has invested heavily in several gold mining ventures.

He has an active investment in a company manufacturing automatic loan machines. Furthermore, he serves as director for several public companies.

He has also contributed to various books and magazines, such as Popjustice Icons and Bromwell High. Furthermore, he worked as an illustrator/animator for various music videos and was even cast in the movie “Spartan: Origins.” All these accomplishments have helped increase his net worth; additionally he won numerous awards in recognition of his efforts.

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