David Wilcots

David Wilcots

Young David Wilcots found an enormous dinosaur skeleton while visiting the American Museum of Natural History in New York City with his parents, which ignited his interest in paleontology and began an all-consuming passion.

Wilcots went on to become a professional geologist and environmental engineer, working for various engineering and consulting firms around Philadelphia.

Early Life and Education

Wilcots was raised in Iowa before going on to earn an architecture degree from the University of Colorado and joining the Montford Point Marines – their Corps equivalent of Tuskegee Airmen – and serving in Korea with them.

After his military service, he returned to Philadelphia architecture where he would eventually assist Louis Kahn with building an extensive complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh that remains a national landmark and is credited as helping shape modernist movements worldwide.

Wilcots credits his involvement with Kahn’s project as the crowning achievement in his career. Additionally, he played key roles in creating Temple Beth El in New York City; overseeing Levy Memorial Playground renovation; and helping open a family planning clinic in Nepal. However, his most significant accomplishment lies with Kahn’s iconic capital complex in Dhaka which scholars claim demonstrates monumentality unrivaled in any other design from that era.

Professional Career

David Wilcots’ professional background combines geology and paleontology. Currently he serves as Senior Geologist of Sci-Tek Consultants of Philadelphia as part of their engineering and environmental consulting firm services.

He has spent his adult life working as an environmental geologist in a range of industries, such as property assessments, groundwater and soil contamination cleanup projects, well drilling supervision supervision subsurface investigations storage tank management environmental sampling as well as wind farm construction projects. Additionally, he has undertaken Brownfields redevelopment projects.

As part of his volunteer commitments, he volunteers at the Academy of Natural Sciences museum in Philadelphia as both a docent and paleontologist in its dinosaur preparation lab. Furthermore, each summer he spends nine days as an expedition paleontologist for Seattle’s Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture expedition paleontologist program in Wyoming.

Achievement and Honors

David is an amateur paleontologist and nature photographer with many accomplishments under his belt. He serves on the Utah Geological Survey and has traveled backcountry hunting Eocene dinosaurs with groups from the American Museum of Natural History, University of Utah and Burke Museum Seattle.

David is a certified environmental consultant and is widely known for exploring the depths of our planet. One of his first notable achievements was using remote sensing technology to locate buried treasure in the Arctic; additionally he played a significant role in various notable scientific discoveries – from creating a world class astronomy lab in Wyoming, rediscovery of fossilized dinosaur footprints found there and even contributing significantly to our understanding of Earth science.

Personal Life

Wilcots has made many detours along his life journey. After joining the Marines due to its segregated policies, he eventually served at Montford Point Training Camp in North Carolina as an African American officer trainee.

Wilcots was initially concerned that segregation would prevent him from finding work in Philadelphia, but when Kahn asked him to join his team he gladly accepted.

He spent 20 years helping Kahn design and complete his most ambitious project to date – the massive complex in Dhaka that now serves as Bangladesh’s capital is widely considered one of the greatest architectural achievements of their era by scholars.

Net Worth

David Wilcots has distinguished himself in his field by working as both an environmental geologist and paleontologist. Throughout his career, he has participated in expeditions led by Utah Geological Survey, University of Utah Museum, and Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. He has also participated in a team searching for dinosaur fossils in the American West and amassed an impressive net worth as a result. Currently residing in Seattle, Washington. Wilcots derives his income from various jobs, such as television broadcaster and former football player. His wealth stems largely from his professional achievements but also includes assets such as real estate and shares that total approximately $5.38 million in value.

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