David Woolley

Who is David Woolley?

David Woolley is a businessman, construction executive and widower. He reportedly resides in Herriman, Utah and is only a short drive away from Christine Brown’s home in Murray.

He and his wife Margaret Lucille Sullin were married since 1990 and have eight children: Adam, Colton, Dallas, Kati, Garrett, Maddox, Payton and Raegan.

Early Life and Education

David Woolley was born on Sunday, December 22, 1963 in San Diego, California and is a highly accomplished individual who holds Christian faith.

He completed his primary education at a local school and then continued onto higher education at an esteemed university. Upon earning his college diploma, he entered the construction business.

David Woolley is best known as the loving husband of reality TV star Christine Brown, whom he began dating in February 2023. In an Instagram post, Christine described him as a kind and wonderful man who does an incredible job raising her six kids from her previous marriage.

Professional Career

David Woolley is an attorney who has been practicing law for several years. A member of DWF, his specialty lies in Employment Liability & Property Damage Claims as well as RTA claims.

He has also appeared on a variety of cases before the House of Lords and Court of Appeal, covering planning matters such as airports, highways, regional shopping centres, and housing schemes.

He is married to Margaret Lucille Suliin and has eight children: Adam Woolley, Colton Woolley, Dallas Woolley, Kati Woolley, Garrett Woolley, Maddox Woolley and Payton Woolley.

Achievements and Honors

David Woolley has achieved many great things throughout his life. He has served on various committees and been involved in many projects around the globe, earning him numerous awards and honors along the way.

He has authored several books, such as Guide to Practical Toxicology: Evaluation, Prediction and Risk published by Taylor and Francis. Additionally, he has authored numerous scientific papers and served on the editorial boards of numerous journals.

He has been involved in toxicology for over four decades and boasts an extensive knowledge base of the industry. He serves on multiple international committees and is passionate about educating future generations of toxicologists through lectures at universities and speaking engagements at numerous seminars.

Personal Life

On Valentine’s Day, The Sister Wives star Christine Brown declared her affections for a man named David Woolley. It has since been reported that the Utah construction executive has an intriguing past. Unfortunately, however, his story is far from happy.

In 2012, his wife Margaret Lucille Suliin Woolley tragically passed away, leaving him as the sole parent to eight children.

David currently resides in Herriman, Utah with his family and owns his own construction company that specializes in drywall. In his free time he enjoys hunting and spending time with his kids; you may notice some Disney references from some of his Instagram photos!

Net Worth

David Woolley is an acclaimed American businessman, architect, celebrity partner, media personality and entrepreneur from San Diego, California.

David Woolley Drywall is his construction company, and he earns a comfortable income from it as well as from real estate investment activities.

He is currently dating Christine Brown, best known for her appearance on the reality show Sister Wives. They began dating in February 2023 after she separated from Kody Brown.

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