David Zimath


David Zimath

David is an evangelist, healing minister, author and TV host based out of Southern California whose ministry is marked by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

He possesses an extraordinary gift for leading believers closer to God’s Holy Spirit, emerging spiritual leader whose calling it is to bring God’s saving and healing power into this generation.

Early Life and Education

Early Childhood Education (ECE) refers to the education provided to children from birth through kindergarten.

Early learning experiences – and their methods of acquisition – can have an enormous effect on a child’s future success and wellbeing, prompting researchers to study early education practices.

David Zimath was born and raised in Indianapolis. As a shy, serious kid he enjoyed fishing and riding his horse near Bent Rock.

He began performing plays, joining a theater company, taking vocal and dance classes, eventually getting his first television role and starting an extremely successful landscape company devoted to helping people.

Professional Career

David Zimath has long been involved with professional sports and entertainment. Since becoming 18 years old, he has played professional soccer with Torino FC of Italy – currently.

Sports is what fueled his career as a football player, and he quickly established himself as an outstanding defender with impressive tackling, interceptions, and clean sheets to his name.

Michael has also become a highly regarded photographer in his field, having shot Bon Jovi on tour as well as many other musicians and celebrities across 30 countries on six continents.

Achievement and Honors

David Zimath is an established name in show business. With over 10 years of experience under his belt and various TV appearances as both judge and co-host. Additionally, he is known as an accomplished actor.

John has been recognized for his accomplishments with various awards and honors, the most notable one being the Schreyer Scholar award given out annually for those demonstrating family, community, education and opportunity best through their actions and/or words. Other awards have included citations for academic contributions as well as nods from both RIT and Madison alumni clubs as a member.

Personal Life

David Zimath, 43 years old and married with a beautiful wife and son.

He was born on March 8, 1976 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada of mixed descent.

David is a comedian who first started out his career on Vine. There, he developed an enthusiastic following before switching over to YouTube as his primary platform.

Hillary Farr, his co-host since 2008, and they share an affection for one another that often manifests into heated arguments but also forms a deep friendship between them.

Net Worth

David Zimath is an American comedian and social media influencer best known for his humorous YouTube vlogs with 13 million subscribers on his self-titled channel.

David is estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of approximately $125 Million as of 2022, thanks to his career in comedy and internet media.

Beginning his career on Vine in 2013, he quickly amassed one million followers, becoming one of the most-followed comedians there. Additionally, he maintains an account on YouTube.

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