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Davos Lodging – The World Economic Forum

Davos, in Switzerland’s alpine town of Davos, is an esteemed ski resort famed for its breathtaking mountain vistas and top-of-the-line snow sports facilities. Additionally, Davos hosts the annual World Economic Forum which draws key figures from across the globe.

Accommodation options in Davos range from self-cater to high-end hotels and can put you right in the center of all that this charming village has to offer. Finding an ideal hotel room allows you to fully experience Davos.

Early Life and Education

Davos, Switzerland is a picturesque small ski resort near Zurich known for hosting the World Economic Forum each year, drawing together global leaders, entrepreneurs, thinkers and academics from different fields to discuss key issues and address pertinent topics.

Many consider the World Economic Forum (WEF) an icon of stakeholder capitalism – an approach to business that encourages companies to act responsibly while emphasizing corporate social responsibility. At its annual meetings, WEF puts its pillars of this approach into action as it addresses global issues like climate change and poverty.

Critics frequently view Davos as an event for the privileged one per cent, yet it remains an opportunity for ordinary people to lobby the powerful in order to effect positive changes on a global scale. Here you’ll find world leaders – from Presidents to CEOs – along with business and philanthropic leaders, heads of NGOs, civil society actors, innovators and journalists.

Professional Career

Davos is an elite ski resort and annually attracts many of the most powerful men and women from across the world to visit. This idyllic destination provides plenty of activities for visitors of all kinds to do during their visit.

There are numerous luxurious hotels nearby and you could secure employment in one if you have experience in the hotel industry and are seeking new challenges.

Intercontinental Hotel Group boasts an elegant hotel in Davos that sits majestically atop the Grisons Alps, providing breathtaking mountain views from every room and providing cozy yet comfortable accommodations for visitors.

If you want to become part of this luxury hotel group, applying for employment is your next step. They are among the leading hospitality employers in Switzerland, and will give you years of professional fulfillment as part of a world-renowned hotel industry employer.

Achievement and Honors

World leaders from across all fields gather annually at Davos, Switzerland’s snowy ski resort town, to discuss a topic they often find unintelligible – how to promote global cooperation in an increasingly fragmented environment.

However, many of the world’s richest individuals lack an understanding of how the planet functions or why some nations wage war against one another; hence their often bizarre and emotional behavior during global elite gatherings like Davos.

BofA collaborated with Reuters to make their priorities relatable and accessible, by producing over 30 original videos that were distributed via BofA’s social channels and Reuters during WEF week. This content focused on key Davos topics with BofA executives as well as influential attendees featured.

Personal Life

Experienced travelers may find Davos intimidating. The World Economic Forum (WEF), however, provides a unique experience that brings together business, government and civil society leaders from around the globe in January every year in Davos, Switzerland.

WEF attracts an impressive attendance each year. Their organization works towards bettering society by addressing social and environmental concerns.

The World Economic Forum’s agenda this year centers around reshaping capitalism, with particular attention paid to climate change and fair societies. Furthermore, businesses are encouraged to adopt circular economy approaches in order to combat plastic pollution.

Net Worth

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