Daydreamin Lyrics

Daydreamin Lyrics by Ariana Grande

Daydreamin lyrics capture the emotion of becoming infatuated with someone new. The singer becomes entranced with their new lover and desires them with an intensity they’ve never felt before.

Many successful Songwriters claim their songs come to them out of nowhere, oftentimes out of nowhere! Many keep a songwriting notebook handy in order to jot ideas down quickly as well as experiment with various styles of rhyming like assonance or consonance rhymes.

Professional Career

Ariana Grande sings of being Infatuated With Someone She Has Just Met in her song Daydreamin’, wherein she describes becoming completely entranced with someone new she’s met, drawn by their “dimension”, talk, walk and make her feel. She can’t stop thinking about this person and craves being with them with all of her heart – the lyrics for this track were taken from Belgian band Wallace Collection’s 1969 single titled “Daydream”, which was covered by Gunter Kallmann Choir in 1970 before I Monster sampled it again for use in his song titled “Daydream in Blue” featured on Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor (2006) featuring soul singer Jill Scott.

This track from Yours Truly showcases Ari’s soothing vocals, making an emotional impactful statement. While not quite as intense or deep, this one still leaves its mark with listeners.

Achievement and Honors

Lupe Fiasco (real name Wasalu Muhammad Jaco) released the song “Daydreamin” as the third single from his 2006 album Food & Liquor featuring vocalist Jill Scott as its third single in 2006. It became an international success, reaching #1 in Denmark. Lupe won his first Grammy Award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance. Additionally, its video featured Lupe with his friend the robot in a record store and Jill Scott being projected onto a wall inside of a house.

Personal Life

Daydreamin is an upbeat and charming song about falling in love at first sight. The singer describes being instantly charmed by someone new and can’t stop thinking about them; longing to hold them close while dreaming about them all the time.

Dusty Springfield created this soulful and beautiful track, emphasizing the power of imagination with sophisticated instrumentation and emotive vocals, making it one of his classic tracks in his discography.

Somedaydream has produced an engaging and catchy song with an upbeat melody and inspiring message, encouraging listeners to believe in themselves and use their imagination for living a fulfilling life. Additionally, its soothing instrumentals create a peaceful and tranquil ambiance.

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