De’arra Taylor Net Worth

De’arra Taylor began her YouTube career alongside Ken Walker in 2014 under their channel De’arra & Ken 4 Life (DK4L), where they post videos about vlogs, challenges and humorous antics.

She has amassed an enormous following on YouTube and earns considerable revenue through brand collaborations and other business ventures.

Early Life and Education

Taylor is an engaging beauty vlogger and YouTube star with millions of adoring fans following her videos across social media platforms. Through collaborating with various brands, her net worth has significantly grown over time.

De’arra and Ken Walker have also ventured into business ventures together on YouTube through De’arra & Ken 4 Life, which has achieved immense popularity. Together they post content such as Q&As, challenges, and pranks.

The pair’s entertaining vlogs have gained widespread internet fame. Recognized as an embodiment of relationship goals, they met in 2014 and have been inseparable ever since – they live together in Memphis, Tennessee with Zaria Mosley as sister-in-law.

Professional Career

De’arra Taylor is an esteemed YouTube and social media influencer. She first became popular through vlogs she created with Ken Walker; eventually becoming famous through movie roles and television appearances as well.

De’arra is known for her popular YouTube channel and clothing line. Additionally, she has collaborated with several fashion brands which contributes to her net worth.

De’arra is currently in a relationship with Ken Walker. They began dating in 2014 and have shared their relationship via videos and social media posts.

De’arra and Ken have launched two popular channels on YouTube; De’arra & Ken 4 Life boasts over 4.4 million subscribers while Vlogs By DK4L currently has 2.75 million.

Achievement and Honors

De’arra Taylor has emerged as a key YouTube personality, amassing millions of subscribers to her De’arra & Ken 4 Life channel through engaging content such as videos of pranks and challenges that she uploads regularly to YouTube. Furthermore, De’arra earns money through sponsorships, brand collaborations, merchandise sales and various entrepreneurial ventures.

Ken Walker and she embarked on their YouTube journey together in 2014, documenting family lifestyle videos on their channel. It quickly gained popularity due to its authentic approach and genuine content.

In 2019, an enthusiastic couple got engaged at Santorini in Greece and are frequently sharing beautiful moments with fans on social media. Additionally, they can often be found traveling together with their friends across the world and enjoy having a calm relationship together, with plans of starting a family soon reportedly underway.

Personal Life

De’arra Taylor, an American vlogger and social media influencer best known for her humorous pranks and intriguing challenges on YouTube is one of De’arra Taylor’s main sources of income; additionally she earns from commercials, brand promotions, endorsements etc.

De’arra resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her sister Zaria Mosley. De’arra met her long-term partner Ken Walker at a Chipotle in 2014 and are currently engaged.

They have always been an amicable couple who haven’t experienced any major arguments between themselves. She is very attractive with an hourglass figure and brown eyes; as well as leading a healthy lifestyle and enjoying good health.

Net Worth

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De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker, known by their YouTube channel as De’arra Ken 4 Life, are well-known for their hilarious videos featuring pranks, story times, lifestyle vlogs, endorsements/collaborations deals with brands to boost income streams, as well as personal appearances with celebrities on stage.

De’arra hails from Tennessee in the United States and currently resides with her younger sister Zaria Mosley. She is in a relationship with Ken Walker and they plan on getting engaged shortly.

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