Deathrow Wine

Deathrow Wine and Snoop Dogg

On death row, individuals typically have the choice to select their last meal from nearby fast-food restaurants such as pizza, burgers and KFC.

Recently, Snoop Dogg-branded wine caused uproar when it appeared in a Kroger grocery store, according to public notices. Treasury America produces this 19 Crimes blend known as Snoop’s Cali Red Blend which bears his image.

Achievement and Honors

Lewis Chester DipWSET is a London-based wine writer and critic, member of both the Academy of Champagne and Chevaliers du Tastevin as well as Liquid Icons co-founders, Honorary President & fund raiser for Gerard Basset Foundation Honorary President & Fund Raiser for Gerard Basset Foundation Honorary President/fund Raiser with multiple awards in special section, consumer/service feature as well as inclusion/representation features.

Snoop Dogg and Treasury Wine Estates joined forces with creative agency Marks to craft Death Row Records Red Wine, an exclusive limited edition red blend composed of California shiraz, malbec, cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon wines from California and other locations. Death Row Records Red Wine marks Snoop’s inaugural wine project under his iconic music label.

Personal Life

Snoop Dogg is living large these days with the release of his Cali Red blend, Gangsta Grillz mixtape and his hilarious Wheel of Fortune appearance. Recently celebrating his 51st birthday, Snoop has also collaborated with Treasury Wine Estates to launch Death Row Records Red Wine which can be found through public notices in Stanislaus County linking Bronco Wine Co. in Stanislaus to his music label in March – it includes shiraz, malbec and cabernet franc varieties!

Net Worth

Suge Knight amassed a net worth estimated to exceed $100 million during his heyday as co-founder and chief executive officer of Death Row Records in the 1990s. Under Knight’s tenure, this label introduced mainstream audiences to gangsta rap music such as Dr. Dre’s The Chronic and Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle albums – both produced under Death Row’s label. Unfortunately, both Knight and Death Row filed for bankruptcy soon thereafter in 2006.

Snoop now has his hands in various ventures, from his esports league to Mt. Kushmore Wellness Retreat and producing 19 Crimes wines produced by Australian-based Treasury Wine Estates. These currently include Cali Red Blend and Cali Rose Blend wines as well as Martha Stewart’s entry into this space with 19 Crimes Martha’s.

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