Delphi Murders

Delphi Murders – Three Years After the Murders, Are the Delphi Murders Solved?

The Delphi murders remain a mystery that has fascinated the public for many decades. This case is especially chilling because the victims were only sixteen years old. Liberty German and Abigail Williams were found strangled on the Monon High Bridge Trail in Delphi. The murders were so horrifying that police started to investigate the case more thoroughly. The bodies of the victims were found nearby. They were last seen in the woods, near the bridge.

An Internet sketch of the killer’s face was circulated, sparking conspiracy theories and speculation. The families of the victims take the case to the national media, resulting in a flurry of news coverage and speculation. In the meantime, residents of Delphi are required to watch their backs. And now, three years after the murders, the Delphi team is returning to the crime scene. But can the Delphi murders be solved?

The FBI continues its investigation into the Delphi murders. An FBI agent believes evidence may have been discovered at the property Ron Logan, who is suspected in the murders. The agent searched the property for guns, forensic evidence, and bodily fluids. He also searched for electronic devices and storage media. As more details are discovered, the investigation will continue. However, it’s still unknown whether Logan and Kline were friends or not.

Kegan Kline, a 27 year-old Peruvian man, was also interviewed by police. Kline told investigators that he spoke to Libby German using a fake Instagram account with the picture of a young, muscular man. They were set to meet on the Monon High Bridge the day before Libby was killed. The password to his Instagram account was also revealed by Kline to his friends. Kline also revealed the password to his Instagram account to his friends.

The investigation into the Delphi murders is being conducted by hundreds of officers and volunteers from all walks of the law enforcement community. Since February 2017, the case has received thousands of tips. While the case is no longer considered a cold case, the sheriff’s office says it’s still alive and well. Despite all the rumors swirling about the case, the state police chief has maintained calm and said that the Delphi murders are an important case.

In the wake of the Delphi murders, police have begun investigating a new suspect in the case. Ronald Logan, a man with a long history of criminal activity, has been arrested. He has not been charged yet, but his arrest has been linked to the Delphi murders. He was previously arrested for a similar crime, but was later cleared of the murder. It is not clear what motivated him to do this crime. If you have any suspicions, or wish to speak with the suspect, call police and ask for an inquiry.

The state police have expanded their search to include a new suspect: Anthony Shots. Known as “Shots,” this man has evaded dozens of police detectives for five years. FOX59 News tracked him down. His neighbor, Libby German, was interviewed by police. Police said she was in the process of having sex with the suspect. Among the suspects in the case, Kegan Kline, a 27-year-old man, was identified as “Anthony Shots.”

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