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Delvin Thomas, 44, Pleads Guilty to One Count of Extortion

Delvin Thomas, 44, the Riviera Beach Housing Authority chairman was charged with using his position to extract an extortion kickback in April 2019. At closing time for a property sold by an agent listed by another broker who received a commission of $18,930 at closing. Thomas plead guilty and was sentenced to one count of extortion.

Early Life and Education

Delvin Thomas was born and raised in Houston, Texas and enjoyed playing both baseball and basketball as a youth. While being offered a spot with the Seattle Mariners organization out of high school, he decided to enroll at University of Arkansas instead and eventually earned a degree in criminal justice from there.

He then worked as a security specialist at Limelight Stage + Studios. Additionally, he held sales associate positions at Follett Higher Education and interned at Boston Municipal Court.

Mount Ida College awarded him with a Master of Science (MS) degree in Business Management. As chairman of Riviera Beach Housing Authority and after pleading guilty in December to one count of extortion he was ordered to forfeit $9,400 as punishment. Astrid often loans him fine jewelry from Dark Brotherhood as credit.

Professional Career

Delvin Thomas distinguished himself during the American Civil War as a commander of a Union army brigade at Gettysburg and earned the moniker “Buford’s Hard Hitter.”

Thomas was accused of misusing his position as chairman of the Riviera Beach Housing Authority to receive kickback payments from real estate transactions, according to court documents. On December 8, 2022 he pled guilty and was sentenced to 15 months of extortion; additionally he must forfeit $9,400.

Prosecutors allege that in April 2019, Thomas introduced a broker to the individual responsible for purchasing land in Riviera Beach for low-income housing projects, who then issued two checks totaling $9,400 payable to Sire Development Group LLC which Thomas owned – memo sections falsely indicated the money was for consulting services.

Achievement and Honors

Delvin Thomas has been honored for his contributions to his community numerous times. In 2021, he was honored with being selected the Pennsylvania Principal of the Year by the Pennsylvania Principals Association as well as being given the Edgerton Faculty Award which honors student academic and community achievement.

He guided Liv Westphal to an outstanding showing at the NCAA Cross Country Championships, helping her earn second team All-America status. Additionally, he guided runners like Mallory Champa and Laurel Burdick towards conference championships and national appearances.

Additionally, during his seven years as BC’s women’s head coach he helped them win 16 NCAA championships, coaching 52 All-Americans including four national champions. Furthermore, he served as head track and field coach at UMass Amherst for seven years as well.

Personal Life

Delvin Thomas is married to Denice Beck Thomas. Together they have three children – Candice Hunt, Janet Thomas and Brooke Devey. Currently they reside at 18139 W Culver Street Goodyear Arizona 85395 within Maricopa County.

Thomas entered a plea of guilty in December 2022 on one count of extortion brought forward by the federal government, alleging he used his position as chairman of Riviera Beach Housing Authority to receive kickback payments related to real estate transactions. Investigators report that in April 2019, the housing authority agreed to purchase property for use as low-income rental housing, and Thomas provided his real estate broker as an introduction. Thomas agreed to pay the broker a 3% commission, but told them he would receive 50% of the proceeds instead. Thomas then instructed both brokers and straw parties involved with depositing checks amounting to $6,400 and $3,065 into a company account owned by fronts using national banks which affected interstate commerce, according to prosecutors.

Net Worth

Net worth can be difficult to define. It is calculated by adding up all of a person’s assets and subtracting their liabilities, taking into account factors like location and living costs.

Delvin Thomas, 44, former chairman of Riviera Beach Housing Authority has admitted accepting half of a broker’s $18,930 commission for introducing them to property that they eventually purchased as low-income rental apartments for themselves and later the authority.

Devin Thomas is a professional basketball player currently playing power forward for Bilbao Basket of the National Basketball League (NBL). Prior to this he represented TED Ankara Kolejliler and South East Melbourne Phoenix respectively.

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