Despicable Me 2 Shannon

Despicable Me 2 Characters – Shannon

In Despicable Me 2, Shannon plays a minor antagonist role. She goes on a date with Gru, a human being. Kristen Schaal plays Shannon. She is rude, insatiable, and nonchalant. Shannon hates dishonest people. She is a fan of exercise and believes that physical fitness is essential. Despite her role as a villain, she is a charming character with many personality traits.

Lucy Wilde calms Shannon when she is about to have a meltdown. Shannon is suspicious of fake people, and so Lucy and Gru tie her up in the car and drop her off at her house while she is tranquilized. Despite her inadequacies, Shannon is a favorite of the Minions. She even visits Gru & Lucy on their wedding day. This scene is the best part of Despicable Me 2.

Lucy worries that Shannon won’t enjoy her meal. Gru believes her and tells her she’s been drinking too much. After a while, she suggests that Gru take Shannon home. Gru isn’t convinced. After Shannon doesn’t return, Lucy informs him that she is pregnant. She wants to have a child. The two then bond over their baby. The two make a beautiful couple, but Shannon is unsure whether she will choose to stay or go.

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