Did Kim Cattrall Shave Her Head

Did Kim Cattrall Shave Her Head?

The relationship between actress Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker is a tangled mess. The two aren’t exactly buddies, but that’s not stopping them from having a go at one another. They’ve also thrown around some pretty ridiculous claims in the process. For example, the actress claims that Parker told her she didn’t need her services as a publicist. A spokesman for the actress confirmed that he can’t comment on the claim, but did reveal that it wasn’t entirely true.

In any case, the latest round of drama between the actress and the actress commenced after Cattrall revealed a highly embarrassing and somewhat inconsequential episode from season six of Sex and the City. While Cattrall was certainly not shy about her feelings, it’s hard to believe that she would be willing to show off a piece of her work in public. And that’s a shame, as the actor may be the most likable of all the cast members.

Although the actress has never spoken out about her shady dealings, she did reveal one of the glamorous and more shady things she did to keep up with her star co-star. She did this by shaving off her famous red locks for a role in the Manhattan Theatre Club’s Wit. It’s not quite the full-on buzz cut that the actress’s real life alter ego, Cynthia Nixon, went through, but the follicles still remained.

The actress was not the only exec in the biz who threw her name up in the sands of time. She’s also tangled with her longtime co-star Jason Lewis, who has a major role in the next incarnation of the hit television series. But, as we mentioned earlier, the actress and her co-stars have had a number of shady claims, including the dubious honor of the longest running television series in America, for more than a decade.

However, the tangled web hasn’t prevented the actress from making a few high-profile appearances in the past few years. Her last appearance was in a charity event hosted by a Hollywood powerhouse, and she’s rumored to be dating a slew of sultry women, including singer Mary J. Blige. As for her health, she’s been undergoing treatments for breast cancer, and has been diagnosed with early stages of the disease. Fortunately, she’s currently on track to beat her odds. With a little luck, she may yet pull through and become a movie star in the process.

Despite their ongoing feud, Cattrall and Parker are likely to re-kindle their onscreen romance in the near future, and they will undoubtedly be paired up for some sexy telepathic adventures.

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