Did Lil Bo Weep Date Lil Peep

Did Lil Bo Weep Date Lil Peep?

According to reports, Lil Bo Weep was dating Steven Moses when she discovered she was pregnant. Lil Bo later revealed her heartbreak and plans for her departed daughter on her Instagram page. Though she appeared to be single at the time of her miscarriage, she later dated Steven, who also cheated on her. Steven was not only a rap mogul, but also an addict, who smoked fentanyl around her.

The two met in 2003 and began dating. Both were very talented and they both admired each others’ music. Lil Bo Weep was just 24 years old in 2013. She died from an apparent overdose on Saturday, and the cause of her death has not yet been made public. Lil Bo Weep was born in Adelaide, Australia. Her real name was Cheyenne Green, but she later changed it to Winona Lisa Green.

According to the Australian singer’s father, Lil Bo Weep and Lil Peep dated back in 2010. They were in a relationship and it was one of their greatest joys. In 2013, the singer filmed a music video that featured a love story. It was an emotional and empowering song. Despite the tragic news, Lil Peep’s father announced the news of his daughter’s death on Facebook. A photo of the two of them had surfaced, although no official cause of death has been disclosed.

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