Dior Trench Coat

Christian Dior Trench Coat

This trench coat in beige is a must-have wardrobe item. Crafted in cotton with a bee emblem in the front, it has an adjustable side placket to highlight your waist. It has a sophisticated look thanks to its pointed pockets and buttoned flaps. Whether you are in the office or out on the town, this trench coat will never go out of style.

The belt of this Christian Dior trench coat is silkscreened and adds a unique touch to the style. This trench coat is true to size. It has a large front pocket, a small chest pocket and two front flap pockets. It has a full lining and is very warm. The zip closure is at the back.

This trench coat combines futuristic details with classic detailing. Its design was inspired by the film Blade Runner. It has tortoiseshell buttons on the trim and adjustable straps with buckle closures at both the waist and wrists. It also features a wide lapel, double breasted closure, and double breasted.

The trench coat is a practical garment with deep pockets and is water-proof. It can be worn over any suit or other formal wear. It can be worn in casual or smart settings. As with any trench coat, it looks good over a suit! It is a staple in men’s fashion.

A trench coat is an outerwear piece designed specifically for rainy weather. It is different than an overcoat and has a history that spans over 100 years. While most trench coat wearers know the design, few people know its history. The first trench coats were designed with detachable sheepskin linings. Some featured large pockets and D-rings on the belt. They also had shoulder straps.

Trench coats are still popular today, as they once served an important role in the war effort. They were more practical than other coats but were elegant and stylish. They complemented the undergarments and made the wearer feel sophisticated. Once the war was over, Hollywood gave the trench coat a boost in popularity. Films starring Humphrey Bogart and Marlene Dietrich helped immortalize the trench coat look.

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