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Direct Action Everywhere Wants Injunction to Stop Police From Harassing Activists in Beaver County

The activist group Direct Action Everywhere wants an injunction to prevent Beaver County police from harassing activists in the county, which is home to the world’s largest meatpacking company, Smithfield Foods. Two Smithfield employees are being tried for stealing piglets. The activists were visiting the county to discuss the matter. In a newly released cellphone video, sheriff Warren Woolsey confronts the activists. Direct Action Everywhere is a group of activists. Their video was sent to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Direct Action Everywhere (or DxE) is an international group of activists that uses nonviolent direct actions to change social institutions. The group was established in San Francisco Bay Area in 2013. It has since expanded to more than 180 cities and 34 other countries. Its goal is to eliminate the animal commodity status.

Direct action, or action without a cause, was popularized centuries ago by the anarchist movement. In this movement, people intentionally cause harm in order to affect “direct” change. The Bay Area-based DxE group has gained notoriety through its tactics and plans to elect some of its operatives to public office.

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