Dixie Damelio Merch

Dixie D’Amelio Merch

Dixie D’Amelio has become a target of Internet trolls over her poorly photoshopped merch. She has defended herself by stating that the images are bad on purpose. Regardless of how bad the images may look, they seem to have no effect on her popularity. Last year, the singer-songwriter released her first music video and has since deleted the video’s teaser. D’Amelio has adopted a “f**k-you” attitude towards the haters since then.

She is well-known for her many hairstyles. One of her most popular styles is the chameleon effect. She first dyed her hair platinum blonde, then cut off most of it. She then posted a video on Instagram of herself shaking her head, revealing the new look.

Social Tourist, a new clothing line launched by the couple recently. The new line of clothing is aimed at teenagers and explores the duality of their social media presence. The clothing will be available in Hollister stores. The new collection was developed in collaboration with many brands and stores. Marc D’Amelio is Dixie’s father and has a long history of apparel design.

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