Dixie Damelio Nose Job

Dixie D’Amelio Gets a New Nose Job

On September 16, social media influencer Dixie D’Amelio shared some photos of herself in a splint. She captioned the photos with a lighthearted #selfie. In her stream, she also explained why she needed to have the surgery. Earlier in her life, Dixie D’Amelio broke her nose numerous times, so she needed to have it fixed to prevent further damage.

First reported that the actress had a nose job in July. However, it took her longer than she expected. The singer and dancer, who was often seen wearing bandages, said that the procedure was necessary to improve her breathing. Dixie’s sister Charli underwent the surgery first and was extremely happy with the results. The actress is now pursuing her dream of becoming a dancer.

The star’s net worth is $3 million. However, the true reason for the surgery is not known. Dixie has reportedly had several surgeries to correct the problem. She had a fractured nose in an ice skating accident, and doctors told her she needed a nose job because it was making it harder to breathe.

Charli D’Amelio is another YouTube star who had a nose job to fix her broken nose. She documented the entire process on her YouTube page, and then shared a video showing the surgical results. Although Dixie D’Amelio’s nose job was not immediate, she waited a few days before sharing the pictures with fans.

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