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Doja Cat Reveals Her New Look on Instagram Live

Doja Cat, the Grammy-nominated singer-rapper, has been a buzz topic on social media lately. Recently, she accidentally sparked a rumor that she has a secret boyfriend. The rapper was chatting with her 20 million followers on Instagram live when she heard a voice calling out, “Babe!” Thankfully, she quickly diffused the situation.

After shaving her eyebrows and head, Doja Cat appeared on Instagram Live on Thursday, August 4. On the video, she explained that she’d never liked to wear hair on her face. However, she has no regrets and seems to be loving the new look. She also revealed that she was tired of wearing wigs while working out, and had become frustrated with them.

In the past, Doja Cat has experimented with her hair and has shaved her eyebrows to achieve a super-short buzz cut. While she still wears wigs for concerts, her new look makes them lay flatter. Doja Cat also revealed that she has tried a variety of hair colors, and a new hair color that she’s “really liking.”

Doja Cat denied consuming cocaine before posting her Instagram Live about Nicki Minaj. However, she was seen fidgeting and playing with her nose during the video. These actions sparked suspicions among fans that she was taking drugs. While this is a rumor, Doja Cat denied the allegations and explained her actions as “natural.”

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