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Daunte Wright, 20, Was Shot In The Chest By A Police Officer

Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man, was killed by a police officer. Kimberly Potter had stopped Wright for an outstanding warrant in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, when she shot him in the chest. Wright died of multiple gunshot wounds. The incident has shocked the country, and the family is still grieving.

Wright’s relatives and friends testified in court about their grief. They said that she never got to play ball with her son, and she never saw him go to school. Potter is now facing a first-degree manslaughter sentence, and Wright’s mother, sister, and brother all testified at her sentencing hearing.

The case spawned a violent protest outside the Brooklyn Center police headquarters. Wright had an outstanding warrant for carrying a gun illegally. Police officers tried to stop him, but Wright resisted, and they had to use force to arrest him. The officers were not aware of Wright’s restraining order against another woman.

At Wright’s manslaughter trial, the officer who fatally shot Daunte Wright testified that she did not mean to hurt anyone. She said that she had a warning to use a Taser, but the officer was afraid she might miss something. In addition, the officer’s mother testified that she saw her fellow officer’s fear after noticing the Taser on Wright.

The prosecution argues that Potter was negligent in shooting Wright. Video of the incident shows that Potter called for a Taser and fired the shot into Wright’s chest. The prosecution has requested that Potter serve two-thirds of his sentence, while the defense requested a sentence below the guidelines and with probation.

The prosecution argues that Potter was not at fault in the shooting, but that the judge erred in imposing the harshest sentence possible. Despite the jury’s verdict, Potter will likely serve at least two years in prison. While the judge gave Potter a lesser sentence, Wright’s family has not given up hope.

Kim Potter, the former Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot a Black motorist, said she meant to use a Taser instead of a gun. Before deliberations, the prosecutor told jurors that the officer was thoroughly trained and understood department policies. The former officer alternated between tears and statements of remorse.

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